Viva Italia!

One of my favorite customers ( was my sister) ordered these cookies for her father-in-law for Father's Day. He loves his Italian heritage...and when you come from the land of prosciutto, parmesan and amaretto, what's not to love?!?
italian cookies closer
We put our heads together trying to come up with "Italian" cookies. What did we came up with? Flags and pizza. :)
viva italia
If you have an Italy lover in your life, you might want to consider making these flag cookies. They are really cute and a great cookie if you're just starting with flooding cookies:

  1. Using a #2 tip, outline the flag in white royal icing and divide into 3 sections. Reserve some of this icing for detail.
  2. Thin red, white and green icings with water until they reach the consistency of a thick syrup. Cover with a damp dish towel. Let sit several minutes.
  3. Run a rubber spatula through the icings and transfer to squeeze bottles.
  4. Fill in the sections of the flag, using a toothpick to guide into corners.
  5. Let dry at least one hour.
  6. If desired, switch the tip on the un-thinned white icing to a #1 and write "viva italia" across the flags.
italian cookies
Ciao Bella! ;)

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