It's ON!

Alright, gals (and guys?)....Flavor-of-the-Month is officially ON! Yay! Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer the poll question. If you said "yes," I have your name and address, and will be contacting you if you do not participate. I KID! :)

First, July's theme: PIE!

This means you can make ANYTHING related to pie...cherry pie, banana cream pie, mini pies, hand pies, whoopie pies, key lime pie martinis...your choice. Summer just makes me think pie!

Post your creation on the last or next-to-last day of the month. I'll post my FOTM post by 12:01am on the last day of the month (and I'll include next month's theme).

PLEASE include a link back here to Bake at 350. Here's a logo to use in your FOTM posts (made by the wonderful Leslie who is on vacation right now, but I still wanted to give here a little plug anyway):

Two ways you can use this logo:
  1. Right click on the image and choose "save image as" and save to your computer. When posting time comes around, add that saved image as a picture in your post.
  2. Copy and paste the code above directly into your blog post. This provides the logo and links right back to Bake at 350.
(Leslie also made a darling little sidebar button, if you want to add it to your sidebar, please's over in my left sidebar).

I'll give you a heads-up as we get close, especially this first month, with more details on how to link. If you've participated in Works For Me Wednesdays, it will work the same way. You'll just need to add your blog name and a short (3-4 words) title to sum up your

Bake at 350 (cherry pie)
Bake at 350 (pecan pie ice cream)
Bake at 350 (coconut cream pie martinis)Align Center

That's what everyone will see. You'll also add the link to your post. (The link is what shows up in the address bar when you click on the actual post...not your MAIN webpage address.)

For example, my main blog address is:

BUT, the link to my Vanilla Extract post is:

Make sense? Believe me, it's sounds much more technical than it actually is. I was so nervous the first time I participated in WFMW, but it's really a piece of cake pie! :)

ANYONE is welcome to join in...please do!!! And if you can't participate every month, that's ok, too.

Alright....I'll see you back on July 31st!
In the meantime, if you haven't seen the movie WAITRESS, please rent and watch it while you're making your pie! :) It's one of my favorites!
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