I've never met a chocolate chip cookie I didn't like...

....but this one is a real keeper!
ccc's plate
I'm way late on this one, but I finally got around to making the chocolate chip cookies made famous by the New York Times last year.

Why I took so long I'll never know, in my book chocolate chip cookies are the ultimate dessert!

I used this adaptation of the recipe by Orangette...recommended by my sister and cousin. This recipe makes the most beautiful cookies! My husband's reaction was, "Starbucks should sell these!" I thought that was a pretty good review. :)
ccc's cookie sheet
A few notes on the recipe...
  1. When I break off a piece of cookie, I like it to bend off, not snap. So, after baking batch or two, I brought mine out of the oven at exactly 15 minutes, when they looked lightly brown, but underdone. They finish baking while resting.
  2. I let mine sit on the cookie sheet only 5 minutes, not 10 as stated in the recipe. This helped make for a softer cookie.
  3. Plan ahead, the cookie dough sits in the fridge for 36 hours before baking...I KNOW! Have something else sweet in the house if you want any dough left for baking! :)
  4. For the chocolate chips, I used Guittard Semisweet chocolate (my grocery store carries it).
  5. For the sprinkling salt, I used Fleur de Sel from the bulk food section of my grocery store.
ccc's ribbon
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