Pasteurized Eggs...Works For Me Wednesday

Have you ever made ice cream with raw eggs and wondered whether it's safe or not?
key lime pie ice cream

Here's my solution: pasteurized eggs.
You can find them right in your grocery store along with the regular eggs. My store sells Davidson's (and they were nice enough to let me use some of their images on the blog).
I'll be honest, if I'm just making ice cream for our immediate family, I don't always worry about it, but if we're making it to share, I use pasteurized.

This nice thing is, you use them just like regular eggs and in any recipe. Use them for ice cream, and then finish the carton with your usual baking. we can all eat raw cookie dough without the guilt! ♥
chocolate cookie dough ice cream
Want to know who carries them in you area? Click here.
Pasteurized eggs work for me. Click on over to We Are THAT Family to find out what else is working this week. :)

Bake at 350's WFMW archives are here. :)


  1. Huh. I have never even heard of pasteurized eggs. Veeery interesting.

  2. Great post! I used pasteurized eggs when I made tiramisu last year (the recipe called for totally raw eggs - no heating at all!), and I actually just suggested them to a reader who was wary of using an egg-based custard for ice cream. Very timely!

  3. I have thought about buying pasteurized eggs just so I can let the kids go at the cookie dough without feeling guilty. I know where to buy them! :)

  4. I've rarely eaten raw cookie dough because of the eggs - now I can't wait to try this!!

  5. Hmmm, this is very interesting! I have never seen these, but maybe only because I have never looked for them. I am usually on a strict mission at the supermarket and try not to get too distracted by bright shiny objects, but this could be life changing!!! Cookie dough without the what-ifs??? Carbonara without the wondering? Awesome tip Bridget! Thanks!

  6. I've purchased these once or twice, but I don't buy them routinely. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Thank you for this tip. I have all my mothers' recipes and do not use them for fear I will make someone sick. I also have her lemon pie recipe and these eggs will work for it too! Thanks You Again!!!!!! Now if I can just find pasteurized eggs in my town! :)

  8. Never noticed these in the stores. I will have to look for them the next time I have a recipe that calls for raw eggs. It's not something I often worry about and I've never had a problem, but I'd hate to have guests sick after eating at my house!

  9. I buy these all the time, not just when a recipe calls for raw eggs. I do not ever worry about undercooked eggs or cross contamination from them.

    And I think they taste better than the rest! And they do last longer too after the sell by date.

    I got great coupons by filling out the little survey on their website.

  10. Sold! You have got me sold. These sound great. I cant wait to try!

  11. Thanks for sharing I hadn't thought about pasteurized eggs! I think this tip ranks with your frozen buttermilk in baggies. I either have a ton of buttermilk or none.

  12. I cannot imagine how many times I have risked our very lives with my egg ignorance.

    Seriously. Let's just keep this between us!

  13. I also love pasteurized eggs. I can't make anything without me and my daughter eating the dough, so this is perfect!

  14. I have a question: don't you cook the custard for ice cream base containing eggs??
    I usually make a base using egg yolks, cream, milk and sugar. It gets cooked to 175 then chilled and spun. Therefore there's no worry of bacteria.
    Who knew there could be pasteurized eggs in the shells??? I've seen pasteurized egg white sold in cartons,but still in the shell?? How do they do that??

  15. a dozen eggs....some of my recipes (especially from the Ben & Jerry's book) don't call for cooking the eggs. I really like the pasteurized eggs for those.


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