Pasteurized Eggs...Works For Me Wednesday

Have you ever made ice cream with raw eggs and wondered whether it's safe or not?
key lime pie ice cream

Here's my solution: pasteurized eggs.
You can find them right in your grocery store along with the regular eggs. My store sells Davidson's (and they were nice enough to let me use some of their images on the blog).
I'll be honest, if I'm just making ice cream for our immediate family, I don't always worry about it, but if we're making it to share, I use pasteurized.

This nice thing is, you use them just like regular eggs and in any recipe. Use them for ice cream, and then finish the carton with your usual baking. we can all eat raw cookie dough without the guilt! ♥
chocolate cookie dough ice cream
Want to know who carries them in you area? Click here.
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