AmeriColor Gourmet Writers. . .Works For Me Wednesday

americolor writers
Royal icing is not your only option for decorating cookies. Have you tried food coloring pens?

There are several brands available, but this:
AmeriColor Gourmet Food Writer Set is my favorite! Why? Because they come in great colors and the tips are finer and easier for small decorating.

A few examples of where I've used Gourmet Writers:
frogs 40 close
{for eyelashes on frogs...}

2 peas in a pod 1
{eyes and ♥-shaped lips on sweet peas...}

jack's teacher cookies
{cookie decorating with the kiddo...}

teddy bears

eggs names karen

My tips...
  • if using on royal icing, let the icing dry overnight before using the markers. The royal icing might look dry in a few hours, but it's me. :)
  • use a light hand with the markers, or you can poke a hole right through the icing (those are the cookies you get to eat!)
  • store the pens in the refrigerator
  • have a paper towel nearby to blot the pen tips during use. Once you've decorated several cookies, the food coloring starts flowing a little more.
  •'ll need the black pen the most. After that, I probably use pink and red most often. I still like to have all of the colors, just in case I need them.
AmeriColor Gourmet Food Writers work for me! Be sure to check out all of the other Works For Me Wednesday tips at We Are THAT Family!

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