For BEEing sweet. . .

This summer we adopted two kittens from the animal shelter. Want to see them?

{That's Spike on the left and Bluebell on the right. This is the day after we adopted them.}

Yes, they are adorable, but they also came home from the shelter quite sick. (They looked fine to us.) Let's just say, we've gotten to know our vet quite well over the last two months. I won't go into all of the gory details...and they are fine now...but I will tell you, one almost died and the other developed a nasty eye infection and had to have an eye removed. (OK...I went into the gory details.)

So, you can see why we've come to love our vet and the staff at the clinic. They've taken such good care of our little ones and I wanted to make them some cookies.

But, what to make for a vet's office? Do they really want to EAT a cat or dog cookie? It seems wrong. Hearts, too personal. Paw prints, not special enough.

Here's what we came up with...bees!

{The inspiration for these comes from an old Martha Stewart Kids magazine there ever was!}

Yes, I enclosed a goofy note saying, "Thank you for BEEing sweet to Spike & Bluebell." :)
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