No matter where you go, there you are...

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When I worked for Mary Engelbreit years ago, that was always one of my favorite illustrations of hers...No Matter Where You Go, There You Are. Well, my sister, her husband, my nephew and baby on the way (!) moved back to Texas this week, and I thought they needed a reminder of where they are. :)
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One thing I learned making these is that Texas is a lot harder to outline than it looks. My husband looking over my shoulder said, "I bet you're wishing we live in Utah right about now. " Yes, Utah seems like it would be a little easier.

These could really be done for almost any state just by shifting the wording. For a state like Rhode Island, I'd skip the outline altogether and just make the heart.
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I made these using my usual cookie recipe, but substituting vanilla bean paste for the extract and doubling the amount of it. I just love those little vanilla bean specks!

We're so happy to have our family close by now....I'm thinking that means even more occasions for cookies, cakes, and pies...oh my! :)
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