Freezing Whipped Cream. . . .Works For Me Wednesday

Maybe it's a sign that I am cheap, but it pains me to use 3 dollops of whipped cream and toss the rest down the sink.

No more! Whipped cream can be frozen!

Here's how to do it:
  • whip the cream as usual and sweeten as desired,
  • line a cookie sheet with wax paper,
  • spoon on dollops of whipped cream,
  • freeze on the sheet,
  • once frozen, transfer to a freezer baggie.
Now, I probably wouldn't top a cake with this for company, but for just us, it works. Let the cream sit out about 10 minutes or will soften up just enough.

My favorite use for this is in hot drinks (and I would serve this to company). Add one of the frozen portions right on top of an Irish coffee, warm apple cider or even orange hot chocolate as pictured here.

The frozen cream cools the drink, so it's drinkable faster and it doesn't melt right in. Isn't there something fun about having a warm drink with cold whipped cream? I love that.

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