Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel

I was truly, truly nervous about these Batman cookies!

A sweet lady wanted Batman cookies to give to her grandson on his birthday. Character cookies make me jittery. I was really hoping the kid was into daisies...those I can do. :)

So, here's how I went about creating Batman cookies.
  1. I searched the internet for Batman pictures...mainly of action figures.
  2. Then, I got out my superhero cookie cutter and started tracing lots of outlines in pencil.
  3. Next, using my child's crayons (or map pencils, whichever I could find), I colored in the designs.
  4. Once I had a pretty good idea, I made notes as to which color icing I needed to outline (O) and fill (F).
I'll admit, the hands look a little Fonzie-ish...maybe Batman is saying "AAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!"
{Boy, I am really dating myself in this post. 35 and older only to get the references here!}

Making these did make me want to rent all of those old Batman TV episodes. I remember watching the reruns after school. I really think my son needs to see them.
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, Batman, Batman, Batman!
(Click above to hear!)

One more thing....yes, I am aware my Batman cookies are wearing no pants. I just couldn't get those undies to look right. He's wearing a REALLY BIG BELT. ;)

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