Monday, September 7, 2009

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel

I was truly, truly nervous about these Batman cookies!

A sweet lady wanted Batman cookies to give to her grandson on his birthday. Character cookies make me jittery. I was really hoping the kid was into daisies...those I can do. :)

So, here's how I went about creating Batman cookies.
  1. I searched the internet for Batman pictures...mainly of action figures.
  2. Then, I got out my superhero cookie cutter and started tracing lots of outlines in pencil.
  3. Next, using my child's crayons (or map pencils, whichever I could find), I colored in the designs.
  4. Once I had a pretty good idea, I made notes as to which color icing I needed to outline (O) and fill (F).
I'll admit, the hands look a little Fonzie-ish...maybe Batman is saying "AAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!"
{Boy, I am really dating myself in this post. 35 and older only to get the references here!}

Making these did make me want to rent all of those old Batman TV episodes. I remember watching the reruns after school. I really think my son needs to see them.
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, Batman, Batman, Batman!
(Click above to hear!)

One more thing....yes, I am aware my Batman cookies are wearing no pants. I just couldn't get those undies to look right. He's wearing a REALLY BIG BELT. ;)

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  1. Your pantless Batman cookies are fabulous! Great job!

  2. These are amazing!!! My husband reads Batman comics...these would make a wonderful gift for him!

  3. The Fonz meets Batman in a cookie. I absolutely love it. My little nephew would go crazy for these Batman cookies. He even has his bedroom painted to look like Gotham City with the batsignal shining. You did a great job. (And they really don't look like he's saying "Aaaayyy." I loved the Happy Days memory though.)

  4. hahaha those are amazing! very nice work :)
    -mini baker

  5. ha cute! if I can say that to batman :)

  6. I now have very vivid cartoon bubbles that say, "BAM!" and "POW!" I loved watching that show too..
    Great job on the cookies!!

  7. these are adorable! I would not have even thought of the fonzie hands until you said that! LOL! Thanks for showing your step by step plans! :)

  8. Nice Work!!
    I am going to get around to this cool cookie decorating thing, but I don't think I'll start with Batman. LOL These take a true "cookie professional". Maybe a daisy would be a good place for me to start. :)

  9. I LOVE these cookies!! Just adorable and great work!!

  10. Adorable! I know lots of big boys (35+) who would love these too!

  11. Superheros???????? Those are angels!!! :)
    Don't worry. I won't tell...
    oh whoops!!
    Very cute though. Why do we always get so nervous when we have to do new things?? :)

  12. Amazing! You did a great job, Bridget! I didn't know such a COOKIE Cutter existed... I HAVE to have one :)

  13. My mother warned me about many things including a man in a cape with no pants...too funny. Great job.

  14. you make me laugh! I didn't notice the fonzie hands until I you mentioned it and I scrolled back up ~ I almost spit coffee!
    Did you have that cutter? Is it originally a batman cutter or did you improvise?
    anyway, they look awesome!

  15. WOW Bridget those are amazing!! I don't even want to know how long they took to decorate! hopefully you didn't have to make too many!!
    Lucky little boy!!


  16. Bea, Riley, cookies & cups...the superhero cookie is here. are right, they took A WHILE! :)

  17. Love them ~I bet they were hard! That is when you need the picture icing machine :) I bet the boy will love them :) Good job!

  18. Ha-ha! You're funny. I wouldn't have noticed the lack of underware pants had you not pointed it out. Regardless they look great!

  19. How freaking cute are these! Funny I wouldnt have noticed the lack of pants either!

  20. I think they look awesome! My little one would love them.

  21. These are so inspire me! I FINALLY stepped out of my comfort zone and tried my hand at flow icing! I made fish cookies for my son! Now here are my questions problems I ran into and hope you can help!

    1) the icing did not "flow" I had to more smear it with a toothpick, but it did harden up (yea me)! Did I not have it thin enough? It seemed thin but maybe I use thick syrup he he he!

    2) The tip kept getting caked so it wouldn't come out making the outline not so pretty... how do you keep that from happening?

    3) Do you mix all your colors at once and then outline and then flood?

    I want to try these again but want to make sure I do it right. Thanks so much for your tips!

    Heather in Indiana

  22. Bridget, I love your Batmen! I used to watch the series myself (my older brother was a huge fan), and your cookies put a big smile in my face - I'm also sendind this post to my brother!

  23. These are so cute, and they look really difficult, too - great work!!

  24. These are fabulous! Love them!

  25. I love these cookies! I wish mine looked half as good!

  26. Great job on the cookies. A lack of pants doesn’t matter to any hero; US Solider Zachary Boyd was caught on film fighting in Afghanistan in the pink boxers, sans pants (see Times online May 15, 2009), so I am sure it’s ok for Batman to go pants less too.

  27. I love these! You're so creative. I'm decorating some sugar cookies today *definitely not my strong suit yet, and I hope they look as fraction as good as these. Keep up the great work!

  28. too funny! I love them.
    I've just come in from making Batman cookies tonight!!
    Just his insignia though, not a full body Batman. I'll post them in a couple of days!!

  29. Is Bigfoot Actual or phony? For around four hundred many years, there happen to be reporting’s of a man like creature which is wholly covered in hair.

  30. Love your Batman Cookies. I have to make these.


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