Where I Shop. . . .Works For Me Wednesday

This week for WFMW, I thought I would share some of my favorite places to shop. This list is by no means exhaustive (I spend WAY too much time searching around for baking supplies). Also, these shops are not compensating me in any way for the mention.

Cookies & Baking:

Baking Supplies:
(Of course, Sur La Table and Williams-Sonoma are top hits on my GPS.)

  • Layer Cake Shop...one of the two cutest online baking shops around!
  • King Arthur Flour

  • Bake It Pretty...the other of the two cutest baking shops around. Wait until you see the mustache cookie cutter I ordered from them!
  • Sugar Craft (They basically have everything you need, although their site navigation is not my favorite. I've ordered lots of sanding sugar here.)
  • Make-a-Cake (local)
Cookie Cutters:
Boxes & Shipping Supplies:
Labels & Business Cards:
Grocery Stores:
Everything Else:


  • Lucky Horseshoe Photography (local)...I may be a little biased when I say I love this photographer and she takes amazing photos of kids; she is my sister. But take a look at these pics of our son...they are my favorites, ever!

(Cook)Books & Music:
  • the library (I'm a big believer in "test-driving" cookbooks.)
  • Amazon (Great prices, free shipping over $25. What's not to love?)
Happy shopping! Be sure to check out the other Works For Me Wednesday posts at We Are THAT Family and you can find my WFMW archives here.


  1. Great info! Love most of the ones you posted, but new ones as well. I will have to check them out. I have to agree.. when we lived in TX...we LOVED HEB!! Adorable pic of your little man!!

  2. Thanks for this - I am taking a look at those links now :)

  3. That is a fabulous list, Bridgett!

  4. I love your post!
    Crazy question for you -- do you have a "breakfast-y" kind of cookie recipe you might share?
    It has to be easy and something I can do the first time :-)
    No cake decorating things on hand so that has to be simple.
    I'm not asking much, am I?
    I am Inn-Sitting and it JUST dawned on me that you might have a great idea!
    If you go to my Best Nest blog you can check out where I am til next week.


  5. You just made a lot of baker's lives a whole lot easier! Thanks for doing all the work!! :)

  6. Great list! Thanks for sharing your sources. I'm printing the list for my bulletin board.

  7. Where do you get your vanilla bean paste? I can't find it in my regular grocery stores. Do you recommend a particular brand?

  8. Great list Bridget! Thanks for the shout out!

  9. Check out Off The Beaten Path www.cookiecutter.com
    They have a great selection of cutters and great prices.

    Thanks so much for sharing!!


  11. Thanks alot. I should be cleaning or baking or reading my Bible. Now I have to spend the next two hours looking at all your links!


    God bless-

  12. Heather...you can find it at Williams-Sonoma or Sur La Table. I think King Arthur sells it as well. It's probably on Amazon, too. :) I use Nielsen-Massey...it's the only one I've tried or even seen in a store.

    Soutenus...Hey! I AM going to check out your blog to see what you are! I don't have a breakfast-y cookies, but that's a good idea. We tend to think of EVERY cookie as a breakfast cookie around here. ;)

  13. LOVE the pic of your son with his eyes closed! :-) It put a huge smile on my face! Yes, your sis IS an amazing photographer!

  14. ok, i will be a proud parent, Bridget your blog is wonderful, and Molly the photos you take are great, from one very proud father.

    love dad

  15. I just found your blog and LOVIN' it. I started cake decorating 14 yrs ago and have basically been on sabbatical for last 6 or so. We moved four years ago and even though I would love to get back into decorating there are NO places around here that sell supplies. Thanks for the links! Also, going to participate in your Flavor of the Month roundup!! Wish I had found it earlier.
    Adena @ FriendshipAlley.com


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