Cookies for Giving. . . .Works For Me Wednesday

One of the best things about baking and decorating cookies is giving them away.
{Keep reading...there is a way for you to help!}

Have you heard about Drop In & Decorate? It is a fabulous, nonprofit organization and the brainchild of food writer Lydia Walshin of The Perfect Pantry.

The idea behind Drop In & Decorate is simple: bake some cookies; gather a group of family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, your worship group or book group to decorate the cookies together; donate the cookies to a nonprofit agency serving basic human needs in your own community.

It’s a simple idea in a complicated world, and something anyone can do. The 10,000th cookie will be decorated and donated by the end of this year. Will it be yours?

If you’d like to host your own Drop In & Decorate® event, Pillsbury and Wilton would like to help.

Pillsbury has donated 50 VIP coupons, worth $3.00 each, off any Pillsbury product -- including sugar cookie mix and icing -- to be distributed, first come, first served, while supply lasts, to anyone who plans to host a Drop In & Decorate event (max. 5 coupons per person). And we'll include a Comfort Grip cookie cutter, donated by Wilton, to people who plan to host cookies-for-donation events.

Write to lydia AT ninecooks DOT com for more info on how to get your free coupons and cookie cutters.

NOW, here's my idea...

I'd really love to bake 500 cookies are have you all over to decorate, but I don't have that many squeeze bottles. :)

So, what do you say to a Bake at 350 virtual Drop In & Decorate event? Invite the neighbors, decorate with your kids, decorate by yourself, whatever.

Let's try to donate them the first week of December...but if you need to do it sooner, please go ahead.

There are a few guidelines:
  • For your cookies to count as an official Drop In & Decorate event, you must donate decorated sugar cookies. No cupcakes, no brownies...cookies. (Need ideas? You're in the right place!)
  • The cookies must be donated to an agency serving basic human needs (food, shelter, etc.). They can go to a senior center, food pantry, domestic violence shelter, Ronald McDonald House, even a nursing home. But not to benefit an individual.
  • Email me (bridget350{AT}gmail{DOT}com) telling me how many cookies you donated and where they were donated. Email pictures, too! I'll post all of the totals and some pictures here on the blog and pass all of our info on to Drop In & Decorate.
  • Optional: tweet about your baking and giving using hashtag #dropindecorate.
AND, you can grab one of the cute little badges for your blog. {See sidebar.}

So, who's with me? Like Lydia says, "Cookies make people smile, and bring a bit of happiness to people in difficult circumstances."


  1. I luv your idea ;D

    What is the date you need the pictures by?

  2. I'm with you. I have talked to Lydia before about doiing it... but I just never got around to it! (bad baker!) But I think with you hosting this virtual charitable event... how can I not??

    I THINK I am going to do 2 dozen... I will try to email you with all the details!

    Thanks for being such a giver!


  3. Bridget, this is great -- I can't wait to see everyone's cookies! The nice folks at Pillsbury are sending me a few more coupons, so we should be able to help support lots of cookie decorating/donating parties.

  4. What a great idea! I'm in...I just need to figure out which organization to give them to...perhaps the food bank where I have volunteered before:)

  5. This sounds like a fabulous idea! :) I have a few thoughts I might email you about :)

  6. This sounds awesome. I just need to get my ideas together and get back to you.

    Tis' the season of giving

  7. I just finished last night 600 cookies for a fundraiser for a local school for handicapped children. I just have to seal them tonight and then I will take some pics for you. It really is a feel good idea!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!!! I'm in!♥


  9. I'm in! What a great idea! I will make at least 1 dozen, possibly 2 or 3... oh my!

  10. What a fantastic idea!! I can't wait to get my kids involved too. It's always such a blessing when you do something for others.

    Count us in!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful opportunity with your bloggie friends!

  11. I want to but I'm scared, LOL. My decorated cookies don't come out looking beautiful like yours!

  12. Lovely Bridget!
    What a difference you are making!
    Doogan and I are in!
    Now I just need to round up a group of girlfriends! Wish I still lived in ALABAMA...that's where all the girlfriends are!
    I'm in!

  13. This is the neatest thing I have read all day (which says a lot because I read ALOT of blogs daily!)


  14. Thank you for this wonderful post! I have plans to make this happen where I work. Each year my employer asks for cookie donations that we package and deliver to several area nursing homes. There has been a definite decline in donations in the past years so this could be the motivator to make sure our nursing homes have plenty of cookies to enjoy again this holiday! Bless you all!

  15. Great idea! I'm in! And I think the Twitter #bakingday is the first wk in Dec. also.

  16. Love the bun in the oven cookies so cute~ and what a great giving idea i love it :)

  17. I am a Drop In & Decorate board member and a huge fan of Lydia's program. They are fun and help build community.

  18. This is a great project for the kids and I to do. We always had a gingerbread house for each kid to decorate for St. Nick's day (December 6) but I was just lamenting that the kids need to learn more about the giving of the season. This is perfect. Thank you and we are in! I will host my day on December 5th if that is okay...

  19. We'll be decorating along with you, here at the mother-ship in Rhode Island. Your cookies are the greatest!

  20. I've included this in my Friday Favorites post! :)

  21. I am so glad you brought this wonderful idea to my attention! I am so excited to do this!

  22. This is a very cool initiative. It's a great way to help and support people. After all, if you can deliver this cookie to a food pantry, a domestic violence shelter, a Ronald McDonald House, or even a nursing home, then it's very cool. After all, all these people need help. Especially to people who have been affected by domestic violence, because such difficult events in their lives have greatly affected them. You can read more about domestic violence at You can also find an essay on any topic here or just order an essay. It is very simple and convenient. Personally recommend.


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