Cut-out cookies WITHOUT a cutter. . . .Works For Me Wednesday

Don't get me wrong...I love a good cookie cutter. In fact, I have a terribly hard time resisting a cute cutter. Anybody care to take a guess at how many I own? {I counted just for you.}

Sometimes, though....
  • ...the perfect shape is nowhere to be found,
  • waited too long to order,
  • ...or, $12.95 plus $8.00 shipping just isn't in the budget.

Here's where a template comes in handy.

Making one is simple. Sketch the design you want, trace the shape on a manila folder and cut.

Now, just place it on your dough and trace cut around it with a paring knife. (I always roll my dough on wax paper...a little extra protection for the counter tops if you're using this method.)

Templates are best for simpler cookies. I strongly advise against using a template to make a snowflake or the skyline of Dallas.

Yes, it does take a lot longer to cut out a batch of cookies with a template. I'm guessing about 4 times as long or more. Instead of "boop, boop, boop" with the cutter (yes, my cutters make that sound), you'll be tracing around the shape with a paring knife.

The edges of the cookies will be rougher than if a cookie cutter had been used (see above). You can always gently press the rough parts in, but be careful not to ruin the shape. I tend not to worry about it much.

Custom cookie templates work for me. Head on over to Kristen's to see all the other Works For Me Wednesday ideas!

I want to many cookie cutters do you own? And, any guesses as to how many I have?

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