Drop In & Decorate reminder

Are you participating in the Bake at 350 virtual Drop In & Decorate? If so, please email me with the details of your event (where the cookies were donated, how many, who participated, pictures). If you've already posted about it on your blog, you can just email the link. (Click the contact button above.)

I'll be posting about the donated cookies next week. So, please shoot me an email by Sunday evening at the latest. Want to get involved? Here's the original post with all the details.

Thank you so much! I know there have been several hundred cookies donated already!!!


  1. Ooooh, I'm so excited to see the round-up!

  2. Oh Poooooweee!
    I wish my girlfriends from California would hurry up and get up to Bainbridge...
    so we could DROP & DECORATE...
    and shine on Bake @350
    and DONATE to an oh so worthy cause...
    and feel like little Christmas Elves!
    I do have a kitchen full of my traditional Christmas Cookies...but they are being shipped to the worthy cause of my mom...who got left behind when her Christmas Cookie Fairy moved off across the country to Seattle!
    She going to be OH so thrilled to receive these cookies!
    I'll have to pop over here and make sure I package them right!
    I'll post about them on my next post.
    Can you smell my kitchen in Texas Bridget? Yummmee!

  3. just browsed all your older post on Christmas cookies- OH MY GOSH! love them- the present one is just too cute and the ball ornament with the gold glitter *gasp*. I sooo want to get in the kitchen & bake now-the hard part is decorating them- b/c I have 6 little hands who want to "help" and well you know how that goes. *sigh* I need a day alone to cookie-make

  4. OK, so we decided to go craaaaazy and our family is hosting a Gingerbread House making party for 25 kids at our local family homeless shelter. My girls have sorted all kinds of candies into bags, we're whipping up gallons of royal icing, and we're going to pre-assemble 25 houses to take down in our mini-van. Wish us luck! I have a feeling we're all going to be veeeeeery sticky before this thing is over.

  5. p.s. So, I don't know if it counts or not-does gingerbread count as cookies?...

  6. sent in ours!! - I'm working on more pictures tonight from today's event as well!



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