The Pioneer Woman . . . a book signing (& cookies, too)

Today was the day...the day of The Pioneer Woman's book signing in Houston. Yee-haw!

I have been looking forward to this for such a long time. Ree, the Pioneer Woman, is such an inspiration! Whether its food, photography or homeschooling, her blog is so full of joy and makes me smile (and usually laugh out loud) each and every day.

{Here's my orange ticket...}

{...and friends made while waiting. Lovely ladies!}

{I couldn't resist bringing Ree some cookies...}

{As one of the ladies sitting around me said, "she sounds just like her blog!" She does! Completely adorable and charming...I think all of us felt like we were listening to our lifelong friend.}

Finally, it's my turn to have my books signed. I think I said either...
  • "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...."
  • or, "I love you,"
  • or, "Here, have these cookies."
I was so nervous. And, the picture of the two of it is...

{Yep...see those curls on the left side? That's me. The rest of the picture was so absolutely HORRID that it now sits in the Recycle Bin on my computer. On the bright side, Ree looks beautiful.}

So, more on these cookies...when Ree showed a picture on Twitter of the boots she was wearing on the Bonnie Hunt show, I had an ah-ha moment...Ree must have cowboy boot cookies!

After decorating, let the cookies sit overnight, then break out the vodka.

{Yes, you read that correctly.}

To make the stars and spurs silver, mix dry luster dust with vodka.

Paint the dry royal icing with the mixture using a child's paintbrush.

The alcohol evaporates, leaving you with, ta-da, silver. (The man at the bakery supply place swears by EverClear, but I just never seem to have that on hand.) :)

Thank you, Ree, for coming to Houston! Hope to see you again on your NEXT book tour! :)

My new friend, Joann, from the book signing just emailed this picture....

See...I was really there! :)
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