Easter Cookie Ideas . . . hop to it!

I'm working tonight on some *new* Easter cookies, but here are some blasts from the past for a little Easter cookie decorating inspiration. {Click the links for the full posts.}

Good Eggs...personalized or not, these are always a hit!

Basket Case...I made these for the first time last year. My favorite part? The Easter grass peeking out! :)

"Fluffy" chicks...so simple and so sweet! I *heart* these! This would be a good one for decorating with the kids.

{They look really cute with the baskets.}

And, finally, which to *you* eat first? The Ears or the Tails? These are really easy to make...click here and I'll show you how.

{Re-name these"Twilight bunnies" and make the bite out of the neck! ;)}

Are you making Easter cookies this year?
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