Easter Cookie Ideas . . . hop to it!

I'm working tonight on some *new* Easter cookies, but here are some blasts from the past for a little Easter cookie decorating inspiration. {Click the links for the full posts.}

Good Eggs...personalized or not, these are always a hit!

Basket Case...I made these for the first time last year. My favorite part? The Easter grass peeking out! :)

"Fluffy" chicks...so simple and so sweet! I *heart* these! This would be a good one for decorating with the kids.

{They look really cute with the baskets.}

And, finally, which to *you* eat first? The Ears or the Tails? These are really easy to make...click here and I'll show you how.

{Re-name these"Twilight bunnies" and make the bite out of the neck! ;)}

Are you making Easter cookies this year?


  1. Love the baskets!!! You do such fabulous work!

  2. these are all beautiful but i LOVE the marbled eggs - absolutely gorgeous.

  3. I really love your cookies!

    It's still up in the air whether I'll do easter cookies or not, although it's increasingly looking like not. But we'll see what next Saturday holds!

    I did make hot cross buns yesterday, so that counts for something! :-)

  4. LMAO!! "Team Edward" Freakin love it. These are super cute!

  5. Love the Team Edward Bunnies :D Can't wait to see your new Easter COOKIES, Bridget... I made some Easter COOKIES last week, and I'm making some more this week, too...

  6. Nope, just hoping for Easter cookie mistakes :)

  7. Beautiful cookies! Love your colors. I am going to try to make cookies, not sure if I will have time, wish I could make them as nice as you.

  8. They are all gorgeous...my favorite are the eggs!

  9. LOL, I had no idea that bunnies watched Twilight!

  10. I love them all, I wouldn't want to eat them, they are too cute.

  11. Awww they are all so cute. I really like the first egg picture, and the color combinations, especially that shade of blue is so pretty.

  12. Once again, fabulously decorated cookies that look too good to eat!

  13. I always love the bitten bunny :) Happy Easter to you guys :)

  14. Love them all. Can't wait to see what you are working on for this easter!

  15. Love these!! you know it was your Easter cookie posts that inspired me last year to try the royal icing last year!!.....I'm going to work on Easter cookies today so thanks for posting these again!

  16. It doesnt get much cuter Bridget!! WOW!! I love EVERY design!!! Your cookies are just perfect!!

  17. I can't pick a favorite because they're all so cute, but the chocolate bunny with a bite out of it is pretty darn cute! I eat the ears first:) Have a Happy Easter!

  18. you are so talented! i think the eggs are my favorite. When I made sugar cookies I found myself comparing mine to yours. I'm TERRIBLE at decorating cookies, so I just made a buttercream icing that tasted good and gave up on the decorating. Now I'll just admire yours :)

  19. So wonderful as always Bridget. Can't wait to see the ones you are working on now, really...can you get any cuter than these?!

  20. Your cookies are too pretty to eat! Love them all!

  21. Oh Bridget!
    I do love those little CHICKS!!!
    WIll I EVER be able to create cookies that look like these!
    Have you been feeling my PAIN!
    I made my first batch of ICED...yeah...you heard me CHICK a DEE...Iced sugar cookies last night!
    Going to send them to my sweet mom!
    She will love them even if they don't look like BRIDGET's cookies!
    Oh how my little hands did ACHED after outlining those babies!
    I could barely fold my fingers back out!
    They had been locked up in that PASTRY BAG grip for soooo long!
    Greg was like "no wonder those iced sugar cookies are sooooo expensive!!!!"
    He kept wondering why I wouldn't sit down and watch Dancing with the Stars!
    I was sooooo INTENSE...I could barely stop to feed Doogan his dinner!
    Oh...and I warned Greg late afternoon he WAS ON HIS OWN for dinner!
    I was allllllll about my ICED SUGAR cookies!
    You should have seen how I looked 10 minutes...yep...10 minutes before he came home!
    It was scary!
    I looked like the POWDERED SUGAR CRAZY/PSCHO WOMAN!!!!! Ha..haha!
    BUt I bet I smelled good! ;o)
    Oh how I do love my first batch of Iced Sugar Cookies! It's a monumental moment in this CHICKS life!!! xxooxx ANd it's been alonnnnng time comin! xxooxx
    Can't wait to see your EASTER cookies that you are working on!

  22. I think these cookies are absolutely adorable and I'm going to start making some of mine tonight to get them done in time for the weekend! I hope you post pics of the ones you are making this year! OH and I'm new to your blog but I LOVE IT! Thank you for your amazing inspiration! (My family thanks you too!)

  23. You are just amazing! I NEED some of those Twilight Bunnies. Love them!!!


  24. I love them all. It makes me want to go and bake more cookies. I did some ducks but I'm going to make more for Easter. Ducks and carrots!
    Happy Easter!

  25. These are too pretty to eat!! Wishing I had some and a tall glass of milk. ;)
    Happy Easter!!

  26. Love all of your Easter cookies... They're so cute! I wish I had time to make some more, but I'm afraid I'm busy for the rest of the week.

  27. I love your cookies! I can never get the marble down right... it always looks so sloppy for me :/
    I want to try and make the baskets this weekend! Those are my fav


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