Cookies for TidyMom, DIY Custom Sanding Sugar and How to Market Your Business without Really Trying


I'm in Saint Louis!!!  You've heard me mention Cheryl of TidyMom here numerous times.  She's just the BEST....baking, crafting, photographing, TIDYING....she does it all.

I think Mr. E was wondering if she actually existed, so he gave me a ticket to actually meet her in REAL LIFE!

Here we are yesterday.  (Yes, I do have eyes, they just don't want to show themselves in this picture.)  I'm having the best time getting to visit with Cheryl and meet her adorable family.  If you have a bloggy friend, I highly recommend getting together in person!!! I am LOVING this visit!

So, the cookies.  I'm going to admit I'm not thrilled with them.  Cheryl is working on a blog redesign and wait until you see it.  It's fresh and bright and modern...and I wanted to make her cookies that captured that look.

I'm not sure I succeeded.

The inspiration for these comes from Decadent Cookie Favours which were featured on Sweetopia last week. (They do them much better.)

One reason, I can't pipe straight diagonal lines.  When will I learn my lesson?

BUT....I did try something new that worked!  Making custom sanding sugar!!!  Here's how easy it is...

Mix plain sanding sugar with a bit of AmeriColor Gel Paste Food Color . Shake and stir until blended.  Voila!

Now, How to Market Your Business Without Really Trying....

I was on the airplane to St. Louis and, for the first time ever, I actually had a laptop to use.  I was feeling pretty darn cool.  Had the row to myself, got out my computer and started editing the pictures of these cookies...
....that I almost didn't bring because they didn't turn out like I wanted. 

As we're taxing to the gate, the man diagonally behind me said, "Excuse me....those cookie pictures you had on your you make those? Do you have a card?"

Then the lady across the aisle said she wanted one, too.  The the guy BEHIND me asked for one!!!

Lesson can be shy and market your business...just have your computer open to your pictures.

Lesson learned 2...NEVER look at anything personal on your laptop on an airplane.  Apparently, EVERYONE is watching!
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