Unbleached All-Purpose Flour . . . Works for Me Wednesday

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For years, I grabbed the same bag of flour my mom always used.  Worked for her, worked for me.  I'm not even sure there were many choices of flour available when I was growing up.

 {photo credit: Meijer}
Several years ago, I started noticing recipes calling for "unbleached" all-purpose flour and got curious. Just from habit, I'd been grabbing that same bag of flour without even thinking about it. Bleach? I was nervous though....what would UNBLEACHED flour look like?  I'll tell you, it looks like this:

One day, I threw caution to the wind (yep, I'm wild like that) and bought a bag of King Arthur Flour unbleached all-purpose flour....I've never looked back. Bleached flour hasn't entered out house since.

{photo credit: Meijer}
King Arthur Flour isn't the only one readily available. Gold Medal makes unbleached flour as well.  Sometimes it's a better fit in my grocery budget.

All-purpose flour with no chemical bleaching?  That works for me!  Do you use it?
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