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Tips for Using Cookie Cutters . . . Works for Me Wednesday

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I've been getting a lot of questions about cookie cutters lately.

So, today we're talkin' cookie cutters...

There are 6 "tricks" I use and they are really simple.

1. Flour the cookie cutter.  I keep a little salad plate of flour right by my rolling area and dip my cookie cutter in it between cuts.  This keeps the cutter from sticking to the dough and stretching or tearing the shape. 
    2. Flour the rolling surface, and the rolling pin, and the dough.  As you can see from the picture, I flour everything!  I think cooking shows have scared us away from flour when rolling cookies.  Here's what I do....I sprinkle a liberal amount of flour on the rolling surface and spread it out with my hands.  Then, I run my rolling pin over it to coat the pin. Finally, I take a chunk of dough in a ball shape and roll it across the surface.  I knead this in to get rid of the super "stickiness" of the fresh dough.  This is the recipe I use and it works just fine with a generous dusting of flour.

      3. I love using my marble cutting board, but if you don't have one, roll the dough on a sheet of wax or parchment paper.  Whether using marble or wax paper, I keep it dusted with flour...even if I have to re-coat it every so often.  I find the cut shapes come off the wax paper easier than my counter top.  

      4. Once all of the shapes are cut from one rolled piece, gently lift off the excess and put it back in the bowl.  Now, the cut shapes will lift easily to the cookie sheet and the excess dough can be re-rolled. 
      5. To re-roll dough, knead it into the fresh dough to make it all cohesive. Then, just re-roll as normal. 

      6. To help the cut-outs from spreading, place the cookie sheet in the freezer for 5-10 minutes before baking.
        If you don't have a cutter in the shape you need, make a template to hand-cut the cookie dough.

        And I've gotten a LOT of emails about this week asking where I get my cookie cutters.  The truth is, I get them anywhere I see them....the bakery supply store, craft store, grocery store, foodie shops. Here's a short list of places to find great cutters online:
        {Portions of this post first appeared on as a guest post on Muthering Heights.}


          1. I want a marble cutting board!!!
            Great tips Bridget!! Thanks for all the links too!!

          2. The most important tip, I think, is to flour the cutters. The sharpest cuts can then be had.

            Oh, and after you wash your cutters you can put them on a cookie sheet in a warm oven to dry. No muss, no fuss, and no rust on the tin cutters!

          3. Awesome tips Bridget. I have a mat thingy I got from pampered chef ages ago that works great for rolling out dough. I always always use your recipe with great results!!

          4. I always love all of your tips Bridget! I remember awhile back you posted about looking at your cookie cutters to use them in different ways. If I can get my cookie orders done this week, I'm going to try turning the snow globe cutter upside down and making fish bowl cookies. Thanks for always getting me thinkin'!

          5. Oh, I love the tip to use a template!

          6. Great ideas...I agree that the most important tip is to flour the cutters. - www.delightfulcountrycookin.com

          7. I'v said it before...
            and I'll say it again!
            If I had studied in COLLEGE...
            like I STUDY your blog post....
            My sweet Daddy would have never sent me an I.D. bracelet with Teresa Anne on the front....
            "Have you studied today?" ....on the back!
            I would have been on the DEAN's list every semester!

          8. Can you just eat the leftover dough instead of re-rolling it?

          9. Great advice!!

            I've often had trouble with cookies sticking to the cutters...it's so annyoying!!

            And I totally want a marble cutting board now!!

          10. I want a marble cutting board!!! I'm right there with you on the flouring - I go through more flour than anyone else I know! I also love the tip of washing the cutters and popping in a warm over to dry so they don't rust - I'm going to try that tomorrow when I do cookies for the football team!

          11. Whenever I do rolled cookies it looks like a flour explosion in my kitchen!

          12. Love the tip about putting the cutters in the warm oven to dry after washing them. Great idea. Thank you!

          13. You are right--I am so afraid of making the cookies tough with too much flour! Thanks for all the great tips!

          14. I just love all your tips! Your cookies always look fabulous! Thank you for sharing.

          15. A tip I heard years ago that I always forget until halfway through rolling out a batch of cookies but works fantastic is to use powdered sugar instead of flour for rolling. You can be as liberal as you want and it won't mess anything up! I've tried it a few times and since the recipe 9/10th of the time is for sugar cookies the additional sweetness goes unnoticed and doesn't toughen up the scrap dough.

          16. These are great tips. I always seem to have a little trouble with my cookie dough, but with these tips it should be a lot easier! Thanks, Bridget!

          17. great tips! I'm going to try your cookie recipe soon! I can't wait!

          18. Oh man, raw cookie dough. I just got hunger pangs.

          19. Wonderful tips...Now if I could just learn not to burn the cookies, lol :)

          20. Great info! Thanks!



          21. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the nice comment you left regarding my photo shoot with the skirt I made.


            PS I've always had problems with the dough sticking to the cookie cutters. This will help a lot.

          22. I have those plates!! :)

            And good tips. I have some very tricky cutters with tight corners and such. Going to try these tips with those and hope for better outcomes.

          23. I so want a marble cutting board! I add a little confectioners sugar to my flour when dusting for cookies.

          24. So, I recently had to make a ton of cookies for a cookie that I had no cutter for. I scoured the web for a workable sub, but alas, no luck. I had been using a template- but sometimes that just takes too long. So, I bought an aluminum bake sheet, cut out a long strip, folded over the rough edges, and shaped it into my new home-made cookie cutter. :D It worked AWESOME! I had to staple the ends together, but boy did it save me some time!

          25. Great tips! I have a marble countertop on the island in my kitchen, and I agree that it's the perfect surface!


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