Sam's Club & PINK Velvet Cake Balls . . . Works for Me Wednesday

{We're going to get to these in a minute.}

A year ago, I might not have written this post.  I had let my Sam's Club membership expire.  I'll be honest.....we went in 3 times a year and bought beer and giant boxes of potstickers.

Then, last month, I was offered a tour of our newly remodeled Sam's Club.  I was impressed.

First, the store is much more open.  They added a center aisle and there are no more trampolines hanging from the ceiling.  (Those things always scared me.)

Second, they started listening to shoppers like us.  Moms, bloggers....people coming in for personal shopping, not stocking a concession stand.

The result....the produce section has doubled in size.  You want apples?!?  They have seven kinds!  Including my beloved Honeycrisp.

And vanilla extract with NO ADDED CORN SYRUP!!!  Yay!

Pumpkin shortage? What pumpkin shortage?!?

Now, this was when I decided to renew my membership....
Ghiradelli Chocolate for dipping and candy making.  Hello, cake balls!  (Or cake truffles...whatever you prefer.)

I used it to make some Pink Velvet cake balls and really preferred it to candy melts.  It's super smooth and dries shiny!

{Pink Velvet Cake Balls: vanilla cake with AmeriColor Deep Pink food coloring.}

And an idea for the leftover chocolate...

Oh. And then there is this.
Yeah. Sam's carries this Cheesecake Factory Red Velvet Cheesecake.  Let me break it down for you:

Red Velvet Cake,
White Chocolate.
Stick one in your freezer and always be prepared for company.  Or PMS.

{PS. Sam's Club did NOT ask me to blog about the club or compensate me for writing this post.  The opinions...and the weight gained from the cheesecake...are my own.}

Do you belong to a Membership Club?  What is your favorite item to buy there?
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