How to Pipe Letters with Royal Icing. . . Works for Me Wednesday

Piping letters on still makes me nervous. 

Now, my piping still isn't perfect, but here are a few tips I've learned along the way.

  • Use the smallest round tip you feel comfortable with. (I know that ends in a preposition, but "with which you are comfortable" just seemed too fancy.) I like to use a #1 tip.  The larger tip you use, the more likely the letters are to spread.
  • Fresh royal icing is important.  Royal icing can be made ahead of time and refrigerated, but it loses some of its stiffness.  For the most exact lettering, make your royal icing the day you'll be piping.

  • Write down the name or word to be piped on paper Make sure you've spelled it correctly and look at it every so often.  Words tend to look strange when you've piped them 52 times in a row.
  • Start from the middle.  Once you've written the word on paper, find the center letter.  Place that letter in the center of the cookie and work out from there.
  • Practice.  Before plunking down icing on that first cookie....practice.  Practice on a paper towel or a plate or a cookie sheet.  It could be that you were thinking all CAPS, but lowercase looks better. Maybe you want to try cursive.  Try it out first.
{'s ok if the piping isn't perfect. Our cookies are made by actual humans, not robots.  Although, a cookie robot would be kind of cool.}

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    These piping tips work for me!  What about you? Do you agonize over piping, or something else about cookie decorating?
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