Vintage St. Patrick's Day Postcard Cookies

Speaking of images printed on frosting sheets....

Printing vintage images and pictures is my favorite way to use the icing printer.  I LOVE vintage postcards....the artwork, the verses....they are so sweet!  So I scanned some old St. Patrick's Day postcards and printed them on frosting sheets.

Curious to try themI uploaded the images to Scribd just for you!  Download the document and crop and resize until you get them the size that you would like.  Then, follow the tips for printing, either at home, or at a shop with an icing printer.

The images were just placed on wet royal icing.  I used a #16 star tip and stiff royal icing (piping consistency) for the edges.

Have fun!  And may the luck of the Irish be with you....and your icing printer! ;)
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