How to Clean Icing Tips . . . Works for Me Wednesday

OK, remember last week's WFMW post?  It was "how to clean squeeze bottles".  I teased that this week I would post "how to clean toilets."  You guys....I scared Mr. E.  He read the post then immediately texted me.  He was worried that I used the word "toilets" on a food blog. 

{Mr. E....I love you for looking out for me. ♥  Aaand, I just used it 2 more times.}

On to cleaning icing tips...

This might be my least favorite part of cookie decorating.  The dreaded tip cleaning.

1. Let your icing bags sit on the counter for several hours, or overnight, and hope someone else will clean them.

2. Fill a glass with hot soapy water.

3. Remove the tips from the couplers.  Drop the tip and the coupler tip in the soapy water.

4. Squeeze the extra icing out of the bags.

5. Working from the small part of the bag, push the remaining piece of the coupler and work it out of the end of the bag. Place in soapy water.

6. Let the tips soak for a few minutes....several minutes if you've waited a while to clean them. *cough*

7.  Scrub the inside of the tips and couplers with a tip brush.
(I use the spiral looking end.  There is also a cone-shaped tip brush that is difficult to find, but awesome.)

(I do this under running water and hold the tip down, so I can see the water running through it....especially important on smaller tips.)

8. Let the tips dry on a drying rack.  They are supposed to be rust-proof.  To make doubly-sure they remain rust proof, dry with a paper towel, or stick them in a 150 degree oven for 5-10 minutes.  

That's it!   It's not too hard after all.  (But still see if your hubby will do it.)

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