How to Clean Squeeze Bottles . . . Works for Me Wednesday

The good news?  You've just decorated 5 dozen cookies.

The bad news? Your husband is on a business trip and YOU are the only one left to clean the squeeze bottles.

Truth be told, I'd much rather clean out squeeze bottles than icing tips.
{If you want more information on using squeeze bottles for flooding cookies, please visit this post.}

First, pour out the majority of the icing.

Then, fill with hot, soapy water.  Let it soak a few minutes.

Next, shake and squirt out the water; refilling with clean water.

Continue shaking and squirting out the water until it runs clear and is no longer soapy.  It's fun; I promise!

Now, turn upside down and let dry on a drying rack.

After a few hours, if the water hasn't all drained out, do the chopstick trick.

Here's the chopstick trick:
  • twist a piece of paper towel around a chopstick,
  • use the paper toweled-chopstick to dry up any lingering water drops.

{And isn't this the prettiest picture of a squeeze bottle & a chopstick you've ever seen? I know you've seen a lot.}

Voila! Clean as a whistle...and ready for your next batch of cookie decorating.

Next up, how to clean a toilet.
{I kid.}
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