Dosey Doe : Stamped Fondant Cookies

There's a little place we like to frequent called Dosey Doe.
It's a coffeehouse/restaurant/bar/music hall with a Texas flair. 

So, one night as I was sipping a Shiner, listening to Two Tons of Steel, my mind went to cookies.  I thought maybe "branded" cookies would be cool....2 D's for Dosey Doe.

It wasn't until I started making them, that I realized they looked like they could be for a place called The Double D Ranch, and that just sounds like a Texas version of Baywatch.

Let me give you the low-down on stamping fondant.  Apparently, rubber stamps are NOT something you want to have come in contact with your food.  Who knew?  So, use a piece of plastic wrap between your fondant and the stamp.

To make "branded" cookies, you'll need:
  1. fondant: homemade or Satin Ice (it's good!)
  2. corn starch
  3. rolling pin
  4. stamps
  5. Americolor Chocolate Brown food coloring
  6. small paintbrush
  7. fan paintbrush
  8. tray
  9. corn syrup
FIRST....don't get so excited over trying a stamp that you FORGET TO TINT YOUR FONDANT. I intended to tint the fondant light brown to look more like wood.

Roll the fondant out thin on a corn starch-coated surface.  Cut with the same cutter as your cookies.

Cover the fondant pieces with plastic wrap and stamp.

Place on a parchment-lined cookie sheet.

Paint the letters with brown food coloring with a small paintbrush. 

Using a fan brush, paint the wood grain on the fondant using Renee's technique shown here on University of Cookie.  The only difference being that you use the food coloring added water.

Let the food coloring dry.  To attach to the cookies, use a pastry brush to apply a thin layer of corn syrup to the back. Place on the cookie to adhere.

There ya go...."branded" cookies.  Yee-haw!

I'm excited to experiment a bit more with stamped cookies!  What would you stamp?
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