How to make "flat dots" on cookies . . . Works for Me Wednesday

Ever had one of those "How did they DO that?" moments?   I sure did.  I had been decorating cookies a few years and saw some cookies in the Martha Stewart catalog (I miss that catalog).

The cookies had FLAT dots and stripes and they really boggled my mind.

Once I figured out how to make them, I, well, went kinda went dot crazy.  It is probably my favorite cookie decorating technique.  {And it's so easy!}'s a little video (from last year) if you are a visual learner. :)
(More how-to cookie decorating videos like this can be seen at University of Cookie.)

Here's how to do it...
{portions of this post were originally published here in 2007...have I really been blogging that long?}
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  • Thin two (or more) colors of icing with water to approximately the same consistency, like a thick syrup. One shouldn't be noticeably thinner than the other.
  • After outlining, flood the cookie with the base color first and spread with a toothpick.
  • While the base color is still wet, add the dots using a squeeze bottle. The dots must be added to the wet icing, but do give the base color a few minutes to set. Adding the dots right way, especially dark on light, may cause some bleeding into the main icing as it dries.  I typically work 6-8 cookies at a time, adding the base color, then going back with the dots.
  • If the bleeding does happen, don't's just a cookie! Chance are, no one will notice but you. :)

One little announcement:
Kicking and screaming, Bake at 350 has entered the 21st century.  

As my friend Shelly said, "I think you are the last person alive not on and my grandpa."  Look out grandpa, you're next. ;)

{And don't be confused...I guess there are a few "Bake at 350's" on'll see my little pink cake cookie on my page.} 

Now, go get dotty! :)
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