Emergency Dessert . . . Pie Edition

Yes, it's true...at Casa de la Bake at 350, we don't always have dessert.

I try to give away a lot of goodies that come out of the kitchen.  You would think getting the sweets out of the house would be a good thing.
{In reality, that just means I get desperate and eat half a bag of chocolate chips in one sitting.}

So, last week I was having a desperate housewife moment.  Meaning a housewife desperate for pie.  And not pie in 2 hours, pie NOW.

Enter, emergency pie.

Pour some frozen blueberries into a bowl.  Let them thaw for 10 minutes or so.
{Yes, frozen blueberries...for some reason, I like frozen blueberries, and baked blueberries, and dried blueberries, but not fresh blueberries. Anyone with me?}

Top with Cool Whip. (Call the foodie police, I *like* Cool Whip.)

Crumble one graham cracker on top.

Ta-da!  EMERGENCY Blueberry PIE!

{I've posted about emergency dessert before.  What do you do when you have a dessert emergency?}
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