The "Supers" . . . Works for Me Wednesday

I've touched on this before on the blog and just in case you dozed off in the middle of one of my lectures, I think it bears repeating...

If you are making black or red icing, PLEASE treat yourself to some AmeriColor Super Black and Super Red gel paste food colorings. 

If you've tried another brand, you've probably noticed that you had to use the entire bottle to get a true, deep color.

And then, you probably noticed a not-so-pleasant taste?

AmeriColor "Supers" are the way to go.  Just a bit gives nice, saturated colors...and the taste?  What taste?  All I taste is icing.  (That's a good thing.)

Where to buy it?  Well, here are just a few options:
AmeriColor Super Red and Super Black...they work for me!  They'll work for you, too.  Trust me, I'm a doctor, um, baker.
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