Team Rosie the Riveter . . . supporting Fisher House

Funny how life works sometimes.  A few weeks ago, I heard about his wonderful place called the Fisher House.  As soon as I got home, I told Mr. E that we needed to see what we could do to help this organization.

Fisher House is like a Ronald McDonald House for our soldiers and their families. 
From their website:
" Fisher House Foundation, providing a "home away from home" for military families to be close to a loved one during hospitalization for an illness, disease or injury."

Fast forward to last week, when Ann Marie, military wife, mom, blogger, baker, candlestick maker (do you make candlesticks, Ann Marie?) and my bloggy friend, tweeted about raising money for the Fisher House!

Ann Marie, who I first met through her INCREDIBLE Apple Rosette Pie, is participating in a 24-hour walkathon to benefit the Landstuhl Fisher House in Germany where their family is based.  

*The walkathon takes place July 29th; donations will be accepted until August 5th.*

Want to show our military families and blogger Ann Marie a little love?  Here's how; visit:
Go, Ann Marie!  Go Team Rosie!  We thank you, your husband, and all of our military families for their service and sacrifice! ♥


  1. You are amazing sweet Bridget. Your desire to give and support others and make the world a better place in an inspiration!

  2. Amen to that! We need to show our support for the men and women and their families for their sacrifice to guarantee our freedoms! Bless you Bridget!

  3. The cookies are beautiful! The border you used is my absolute favorite, and it photographs so well too. I admire that you bake for a cause!

    Noa @ Noa Bakes

  4. Thank YOU Ms Bridget for creating these BEAUTIFUL cookies for our Team Rosie the Riveter! We are SO excited to be doing this 24 hour walkathon to support the Landstuhl Fisher House (7 of the 9 women have husbands currently in Afghanistan!).

    You are an inspiration my dear friend!
    ~Ann Marie

  5. It makes sense that talented people (Ann Marie) have talented friends (Bridget). These look delicious! Thanks for helping to spread the word for this awesome cause. :) I had the pleasure of working at the Tampa VA Hospital for two years -- a place that many soldiers come to after first stopping at Landstuhl for initial care. I've known babies who have grown up in the Fisher House as their dads receive care at the hospital next door. It truly becomes their home-away-from-home. Thanks again!!!

  6. These cookies are amazing! Thank you so much for supporting our cause! It feels good during this LONG deployment to know that there are people who support what our military does. Thank you for being our cheerleader and spreading the word for military families. You rock, and I'm so glad that Ann Marie has friends as amazing(and talented)as she is! We'll be thinking about you (and probably talking behind your back about how amazing you are=o) during our 24 hour marathon Friday and Saturday. Bless you.

  7. Good luck to her! I am also a military spouse & food blogger =D We are actually stationed in Belgium right now which is about 4 hours from where she is stationed. If she needs anything I don't mind helping her out at all.

  8. These cookies look great! The Fisher House....great cause.

  9. Bridget these are just too too cute!!

    And what an awesome cause. YOu are a wonderful woman :)

  10. What adorable cookies for such a GREAT cause!! Good luck Ann Marie!!

    PS- you REALLY make me want an icing printer

  11. This is fabulous!! A big THANK YOU and lots of prayers for all our service men and women. Beyond amazing! And such cute cookies :) As an amazing cook, what do you think of my bacon-blue cheese sliders!?!
    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  12. What a great cause...and Bridget you are a phenomenal soul to support the men & women who sacrifie so much!

    Bless you & Bless Ann Marie too!

  13. Firstly, what gorgeous cookies! You really are so talented.

    What a wonderful cause! My fiancé is in the military here in Australia, but I don't think we have a similar thing here in Australia. When we visited the United States recently we couldn't get over how wonderful and supportive the public are of military personnel. It really is a wonderful thing.

  14. You have tons of followers, but it's relly too nice not to sign in!!!


  15. Love these cookies B!!! Rosie rocks :)

  16. Such a sweet way to support a great cause!

  17. What a wonderful cookie to promote such a wonderful cause for your friend. You are a special lady Bridget.

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