The *Best* Back-to-School Cookies

Don't turn me in to the Parenting Police.  I know I should be giving kiddo apple slices (organic), cheese (but not too much), and crackers (whole-grain) for an after-school snack, but I give him cookies instead.

Before school started this week, I asked him what kind of cookies he wanted...for snacks and for his lunchbox.  He said "Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip" and my heart did a little leap!  I knew exactly which cookies I would make...
Jessica's Puffy Peanut Butter Cookies with Chocolate Chips
{You know Jessica from How Sweet It Is, right?  Right??!?  Oh, if you don't, are you EVER in for a treat.  Pop over, go ahead, just come back in a few hours.}

So, the recipe starts with meting butter and peanut butter together.  I mean, how can it NOT be good?!?

You mix it all up and add chocolate chips.

Then you eat as much as the raw dough as you can without making yourself sick.

I mean, you scoop it onto a cookie sheet.  Yeah, that's it.

And then, you pack a few extra in your kid's lunchbox so he can share.   And, you are a bad mom and give him a few more as an after-school snack.  And, you hope those cookies convince him to tell you about every second and every detail of school....because you want to know EVERYTHING.  (Or is that just me?)

Anyway...these cookies?  You need them.  They are quite possibly the best first-week-of-school cookies EVER.  Promise. 

Thank you, Jessica!  (The recipe? It's right here.)

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