How I spend my free time : Pinterest . . . . Works for Me Wednesday

Have you heard of Pinterest?

Pinterest is the greatest thing since, well, twitter.

Here's the deal....Pinterest is an online bulletin board.  Instead of ripping pictures out of magazine, you "pin" them and Pinterest automatically saves the link, so you can go back to the original post.

And you aren't just limited to one can have all kinds of boards!!! (These are mine.)

I've pinned oodles of goodies pinned on a board I call "Swooning Over Food" (shocker, I know).

But, "Yellow" is another one of my favorites.

My favorite part of Pinterest?  Seeing what other people are pinning.  You can find friends or follow people you don't know (that sounds like stalking, but I promise, it's ok).

Here are some I love....

"Color Inspiration" from Courtney of Poppy Pedals

"Travel" from Kristen of Dine & Dish 

"Cupcakes" from Laurel of Go Against the Grain

"Make me SMILE" from Teresa of Blooming on Bainbridge

Are you sold, yet? works for me & I'm lovin' it! :)
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