Breakfast Banana Splits . . . you want one.

My favorite story about banana splits involves my dad and Uncle Mike .  It seems years and years and YEARS ago, they decided to have an eating contest.  They consumed massive amounts of pizza and then went for banana splits.  My dad finished his, but my Uncle Mike saved his favorite part of the banana split for last, and was too full to eat it.  Somehow, this made a very big impression on me when I was a kid.

Moral of the Story: Finish your banana split whether you're too full or not. 

I found this idea through Pinterest...which led me to The Kitchn (love).  Their breakfast banana splits may be a *tad* bit healthier, topped with jam, but have to get your daily intake of Nutella somewhere!

Breakfast Banana Splits

1 banana
Greek yogurt (I like Fage)
sliced strawberries
chopped nuts, toasted

Slice the banana lengthwise and place in a bowl.  Add 2 scoop of yogurt...I used an ice cream scooper for this.  Greek yogurt is so thick that it keeps it's shape.

Add the sliced strawberries.

Heat some Nutella in the microwave for about 10 seconds.  Drizzle over the sundae.

Add toasted, chopped nuts. (I used almonds here, but pecans might be my favorite.)

Ta-da!  Breakfast Banana Splits!  

Make them soon.  I won't tell if you eat all of the Nutella off the top first.  You know, just in case you're too full to eat the rest. ;)
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