I am one of *those* people.  My emails are littered with :) and ;).  (Not to mention all of the ... and !!!.)

Those little faces are called Emoticons. And I'm addicted to them.  I can't help myself.  {And, yes, I recall going through a stage of dotting my i's with little hearts.}

So, when I saw this card at Target a few weeks ago, I knew those little emoticons needed to be made into cookies.
(Except, I made the cookies in white.  I might overuse my emoticons, but I don't mess with the background color.  So there.)

These are probably the easiest cookies you will ever make.  

First, I cut out the cookies with my square cutter, then divided it into smaller squares with a bench scraper...just like I did here for the Scrabble cookies.

The baked and cooled cookies were then outlined and filled in royal icing tinted with AmeriColor Bright White.

{Oops, I put that heart <3 in there backwards.}

The "smileys," as I like to call them, were added using a 1.5 tip from PME, but you could use any #1 or #2 tip. (Black icing was tinted with AmeriColor Super Black.)

So, fess up.  Are you a lover of emoticons as well?  
What's your favorite? ;)
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