Rolled Cocoa Cookies . . . from Teresa of Blooming on Bainbridge

You know how you can read someone's blog and exchange emails and all of a sudden, you feel like the person is one of your very best friends?  That's how I feel about Teresa.  I've never seen her sweet face in person, but we are going to rectify that SOON!

Teresa blogs over at Blooming on Bainbridge.  She's an Alabama girl now living in the Northwest.  If I had one word to describe Teresa's blog, it would be JOYFUL!  It doesn't matter if she's blogging about cookies or soup or yoga or her precious doggie, Doogan....each and every post is filled with joy.  This is one of my favorites.

Alrighty...without further ado, welcome Teresa!!!  I'm so happy she is here!

Hi! I'm Teresa from Blooming on Bainbridge! I live on an island. Delighted to meet you!
Sugar cookies piled high with icing and sprinkles have always been a LOVE in my life.
Several years ago...before I began blogging...I happened upon Bake at 350.
I honestly couldn't believe there was a blog that was whole~heartedly devoted to the love of 
iced sugar cookies!
I can remember the very first time I emailed Bridget about a problem I was having while icing sugar cookies for a BAMA football game. She emailed me back...
coaching me through the process of achieving the perfect shade of RED icing!
I've totally been hooked on Bridget and Bake at 350 since that day!
Well I've been more than just "hooked" on Bake at 350.
I've grown to love and adore Bridget as if she were a bestie that lived next door. 
Bridget is without a doubt one of the loveliest~sweetest~funniest~inspiring girls I know.
I am honored to call her friend. 
I am BEAMING so BRIGHT that she is creating a cookbook.
And I am thrilled to be sharing one of my favorite CHOCOLATE cookie recipes with YOU!
Rolled COCOA Cookies!
These are without a doubt one of the yummiest~easiest cookies you will ever ever make.
Trust me!
I wouldn't bake anything but THE BEST for Bridget...would you? ;)
Here's what you need to bake these cookies.
3 cups all~purpose flour {I use unbleached}
1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 cups sugar
1 cup shortening
2 eggs
1/4 cup milk
1 recipe Cocoa~Butter Frosting
{I suggest doubling the frosting recipe. Trust'll want lots of frosting!}
~recipe adapted from The Ultimate Cookie Book~
If you're baking for may wanna shine up the kitchen aid!
Make sure it knows who it's baking for. ;)
You'll also wanna tie on your favorite apron.
If you're baking for've gotta look CUTE!
Let's begin with the cookies.
Stir together the dry ingredients.
Set them aside.
In a large mixing bowl beat the sugar~shortening~eggs~and milk.
Beat on medium to high speed until combined.
Gradually add the flour~cocoa mix.
Beat in as much of the flour~cocoa as you can with the mixer.
Stir the rest in by hand.
When the cookie dough is ready...divide it in half. Cover and chill the dough for 2 hours.
One thing you need to remember if you're baking for Bridget!
Bridget LOVES good music!
So ROCK~OUT as you bake! Crank up some oldies ROCK!
If by chance the Eagles begin playing Hotel California....
don't resist the urge to LIGHT~UP a candle!
Pretend you and Bridget are at an Eagles concert ROCKIN' out!
It's all in the name of BAKING! ;)
After the concert the dough should be chilled.
Now comes the fun part.
Roll out the dough one half at a time. You will love the way this cookie dough rolls.
Use a 2 - 3 inch cookie cutter to cut shapes from dough.
Place the cookies on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Bake the cookies about 7 minutes. The cookies will be soft to the touch when you take them 
out of the oven. Let them cool on a wire cooling rack.
Mean while...whip up the Cocoa~Butter Frosting.
2 3/4 cup powdered sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa
1/4 cup softened butter
3 tablespoons heavy whipping cream
1 teaspoon vanilla
Don't forget to DOUBLE this recipe if you want plenty of frosting.
Begin with the butter. Beat the butter til fluffy.
If you're baking for Bridget...make sure you SIFT the powdered sugar!
Sift the cocoa in with the powdered sugar.
Don't ever let Bridget know if you don't SIFT the powdered sugar. ;)
Gradually add 1 1/2 cups of the powdered sugar and the cocoa to the butter.
Beat in heavy whipping cream and vanilla.
Gradually beat in 1 1/4 cups remainder powdered sugar.
This is what you get.
The best~most yummiest COCOA frosting ever!
Make sure the cookies are completely cool. 
Get busy frosting. 
You can spread the frosting on if you like. It goes a bit quicker for me if I pipe it on.
I used a #12 tip to frost these cookies.
Then I sprinkled them with a little LOVE...just for Bridget.
Rolled COCOA Cookies!
You're going to LOVE these for the holidays!
Blowing Bridget and the readers of Bake at 350 oooooodles and ooooooodles of SWEET~KISSES
from Bainbridge Island.
I wish you all the loveliest of days!
Happy Baking!
If you look like a crazy girl after pouring your heart out in the kitchen for BRIDGET...
no worries!
It's all in the name of BAKING...with lots of LOVE!


  1. This looks great! One question though, how much cocoa is in the frosting? I only see the sugar, butter, whipping cream, and vanilla listed as ingredients... :-)

    Thanks so much and I can't wait to try this out!

  2. Love this! Those cookies look great. One of my favorite things about blogging is making amazing connections with readers and other bloggers.

  3. It's fun to see Teresa on your blog. I've enjoyed her comments and delightful profile picture on your blog:)
    I love all her tips on getting ready for a dinner party.

  4. LOVE LOVE this sweet girl! xoxox

  5. Those are so cute, they look delicious!

    And as a random side note, I'm so jealous you live on Bainbridge! I lived on Vashon Island for a while and loved it, I miss being out on the coast!

  6. These cookies look so yummy. I'm looking for some new recipes for my christmas plates that year and I'm thinking these cocoa cookies are going to be a must. Thank you for the recipe.
    I loved your post Teresa. I can't wait to start reading your blog. I'm a music lover to and always have my playlist on shuffle while I cook. I know it's a good baking day when the good music won't stop.

  7. Bridget, I totally agree about her blog being JOYFUL. You two both have such "happy" sites that are so enjoyable. These cookies... what a treat? Can't wait to try them!

  8. Love Teresa, love these cookies! She makes everything fun.


  9. Love Teresa, love these cookies! She makes everything fun.


  10. How much cocoa in the frosting? I'd love to make these for my little girls' snack day next week, she will love them. And then I have a real reason for making them!

  11. Two of my favorite girls!!....wait? this isn't a group text is it? lol

    Teresa these look and sound delicious!! love the frosting swirled on top! (I think you left the cocoa out in the frosting recipe)

    My new favorite Pandora station: James Blunt Radio - check it out!!

  12. They are very beautiful,the smell of cocoa came to me in the nose.

  13. I love Teresa and her blog! She puts her heart and soul into every post and brings a ray of sunshine into her reader's day, no matter what the weather.
    Her guest post here was no exception. Wonderfully done, excellent cookies and true to form Teresa!

  14. Love the way you write, Teresa! :D And those cookies are to die for!

  15. I'm tickled pink to be sharing one of my favorite cookies over here on SWEET Bridget's blog!
    I forgot to mention how much COCOA goes in the frosting!
    Add 2 tablespoons of cocoa to the powdered sugar for the frosting! ;)
    Don't forget to DOUBLE that frosting recipe if you want plenty of frosting to pile on those cookies...or to pile on anything for that matter.
    The frosting is so YUMMMY!
    Hugs from Bainbridge!

  16. I totally need to stop reading food blogs when I'm THIS hungry...these look amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  17. These look delicious!! Will definitely have to make them!


  18. This is seriously my dream cookie! Love it!

  19. wow !! these cookies look fabulous :D cocoa is always win win :)

  20. they look great for a chocoholic person like my sister! I am not a fan of chocolate but they do look delicious!

  21. Oh this post was adorable. I especially love the last photo. Too cute. But seriously, I adore Bridget also and I can tell that you two are fast friends. You have a real knack for blogging and telling a story Teresa. Your chocolate cookies look sinfully delightful. YUM!

  22. I absolutely agree about Teresa...I've been a longtime follower of hers and I love her positivity. It is funny how certain bloggers who you've never "met" - just kinda feel like you've been friends for years. {and I mean that in the not-at-all creepy way...I think you guys know what I mean...hopefully! lol} I LOVE chocolate anything...this is getting added to the "must bake" list! ~Liz

  23. Wonderful guest post, I have enjoyed it very much! Thanks Bridget and Theresa. The cookies are surely going to be a favorite. Have a great weekend :)

  24. omg this may have been the most adorable post (and head shot) ever. Can't wait to try this cookie recipe...a cup of cocoa powder to 3 cups of flour sounds right up my alley :)

  25. Oh my gosh I adore this post!!! And that picture of you is the BEST!! These cookies look amazing and I might have to borrow those beautiful cake stands immediately. :)

    Wonderful guest post!!!!

  26. The cookies look so Yummy! Those are definitely on the menu for this weekend!

  27. Wow ! The pictures are amazing.My daughter is very much fond of eating choco cookes.I am sure gonna make this cookies for her on next sunday.
    Keep writing such blogs.

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  28. Is there a print button for the recipe?

  29. I am so jealous! Here you are baking for THE Bridget! I love it!! Bridget is Ah-mazing, but you are just too stinkin' cute! xxoo to both of you!


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