Heavy Metal...Works for Me Wednesday

Cookie sheets...I have a million of them.
{Well, more like 25.}
I use them all. Some for everyday cooking, some for "trays" for cookie decorating, and only a select few for cookie baking.

Let's talk cookie sheets...
Thin and shiny. No, I'm not talking RHOBH here.  You know these sheets...they're not very sturdy and and super shiny.  You could bend them easily.

These cookie sheets are ones I use purely for decorating and "transportation."  Once my cookies have cooled, I place them on cookie sheets, rather than a countertop or table for decorating.  Usually these sheets are covering my dining room table and I carry them back and forth to the kitchen where I decorate.  They're too flimsy and too thin for baking.

Dark and heavy.  I have no idea where I got or why I have this cookie sheet.  It's very dark...almost black...and very heavy.  Again, it is only used as a tray of sorts for holding cookies for decorating.  A cookie sheet this dark will leave your cookies burnt on the bottom.

Commercial sheet pans.  I love the feel of these sheets.  They're sturdy and substantial.  Look at the pictures....obviously, I do put these to use.  But not for baking cut-out cookies.  These sheets are so thick and insulated that cut-out cookies don't brown at all on the bottoms.  I find that cookies tend to break more when I bake on these sheets.  They're just too tender for moving, packaging, or stacking.

Matte and sturdy.  Ah, just right.  {I feel like Goldilocks.}  You might find these sheets labeled as non-stick...but you'll be using parchment, so that doesn't matter.  Right?!?  These cookie sheets are a matte grey color, not super shiny...and not too thin. You could not bend one in half (or at least, I couldn't).

These cookie sheets are the ones I use for baking cut-out cookies.  They are thick enough to prevent the bottoms of the cookies from getting over-browned, but they still get a nice, light golden color.  Perfect for a cookie which will be moved, iced, packaged, or stacked. 

And these?!?  Well, I have two cookie sheets that are my show ponies.  These are for photos only.  If you ever see one of these nice, spot-free cookie sheets on the blog, you'll know the truth...that all of the spotted, ugly ones are doing the real work. ;)

Cookie sheets....they work for me! :)

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