Storing Icing Tips & Couplers...Works for Me Wednesday

I *almost* wish I would have taken a picture of the way I used to store my icing tips and couplers.  *Almost.*

It wasn't pretty...I had the tips sorted by size and in snack-sized baggies.  Then I had those and all of the couplers in a quart-size baggie.  You know how baggies get ugly after they've been used (and opened and closed, and opened and closed, and shoved in a drawer) again and again?  It's not pretty. And let's face it...cookie decorating should be cute.

So, after YEARS of seeing these boxes at The Container Store, it dawned on me that they might work for tips.  And they DID!!!

The boxes are called Amac boxes...and they come in the prettiest colors, but I went with clear.  I labeled the tops with a sharpie...I know, so fancy, right?

For the tips, I bought the size: 1-3/16" sq. x 2-7/16" h.  For the couplers, I bought the 2-5/16" sq. x 6-3/16" h.

Now, when I reach for an icing tip, seeing these cute little boxes lined up in the drawer makes me happy.
Amac boxes, they work for me! 
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