Golden Kahlua Coladas

It's a holiday week (weekend?).  These holidays that fall mid-week always confuse me.
No matter what you call it, a cocktail is definitely in order.

You have the necessities on hand, I trust...

These are the simplest of frozen drinks....perfect for a summer night when the sun has set, the heat has dissipated, and the humidity of the day has burned off.  Ahh....summer nights.  The only enjoyable part of summer, no?

Enjoy them in the heat of the day, too...just make them.

Golden Kahlua Coladas
{serves 2}

2 cups orange juice ice cubes
2 ounces Kahlua
2 ounces Amaretto
orange slices

First kids, you'll need what we called in the olden days, an "ice cube tray."

Once your orange juice is frozen, combine the 2 cups of cubes (approximately) with the Kahlua and Amaretto in a blender.  Process until smooth.

Pour into glasses and garnish with an orange wheel.

Summer in a glass.  Ahhh...

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