I baked my cookies...now what? (Works for Me Wednesday)

Alright.  So, you baked your cookies.  You're ready to start decorating.

Where do you put them to start?!?
{thanks to my iPhone & Instagram, I have a million of these shots.}

Here's what I do: Instead of setting them on my kitchen counter or table, I put them on cookie sheets. Cookies line the edges, facing out, no cookies in the middle.

Why no cookies in the middle?
  1. When reaching to the middle cookies, my pajama sleeve might brush into a cookie on the edge and mess it up. (Yes, sometimes I wear pj's while decorating...in the middle of the day. Kidding. Kind of.)
  2. Sometimes icing bottles leak.  You know when they'll leak?  Right when you're reaching over a perfectly decorated cookie.
  3. Piping will go much more smoothly if you don't have to reach. 

Cookie sheets are easily rotated.  Try doing that with your kitchen counter.

Cookie sheets are easily transported.  Working at your kitchen table and your family wants to eat dinner?  Pick them up and move them to the dining room.
(Not your family, the cookie sheets.)

You don't need expensive cookie sheets.  I have lots of cookie sheets that I bake on, but I also have a whole stack of cheap-o cookie sheets just for this purpose.  They come in handy when you're decorating 100's of cookies.  Or, if you're decorating 12 cookies and want your good cookie sheets to heat up some taquitos.

Cookie sheets for cookie decorating....works for me.

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