An Icing Printer...for YOU!!! Seriously!

I am so, so excited to bring you guys this giveaway today!
I've talked about images printed on frosting sheets before...and there are a couple of frosting sheets projects in the book.  They are such a fun and easy way to decorate your cookies.

Yes, you can get image sheets printed at most local bakery supplies.  Yes, some grocery stores will print them for you, but there's something to be said for having one in your own house.  Listen...I like to stay in my pj's as looooong as possible.

Don't think these are just for cookies!  They're for cupcakes and cakes as well! 
I found Icing Images when I was looking for a new icing printer.  From doing a bit of searching online, I found that they had a great reputation for customer service.  I bought a compatible printer and Icing Images ink and I really couldn't be happier with them.  They're responsive, helpful, and fast!

I'm so HAPPY to say that Icing Images is going to give an entire imaging SYSTEM away to one Bake at 350 reader!!!  (I mean, that's better than any Black Friday deal.)  Here's what you'll get:
It retails for, oh, $499!!!  Whoa!

Enter through November 23rd, 11:59pmCST.  US residents only....thank you!

To enter:

  • leave a comment with the very first thing you would make using your edible imaging system

Congrats to Carmen who said,
"We have a 2-year birthday coming up and I want to make it a Veggie Tales themed day. I have a couple of ideas already but this would offer so many other opportunities." 

*I was not paid or given a free system/ink in exchange for this post.  I was just impressed with this company and wanted to share them with you. Edible Image system provided by*

For tips and info on using an icing printer, click here

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