Frosted Pink Roses

Before we jump into red & green, can we have a shot of pink, please?
I really wanted to call these Winter Roses, but I guess since it's still fall, I'll have to go with "frosted."  I love an open rose shape, but couldn't find a cutter to match, so years ago, I made a template.  Once you realize that making your own templates enables you to make ANY shape you'd like, the world is your oyster...cookie...whatever.

If you've ever made a cookie with dots, or marbling, these are made using the same method...the swirl is adding on top of the wet flood icing.  But, if you'd prefer a raised outline instead for these flowers, here's an example.
You might know that I'm usually torn as to whether to add sanding sugar or not....remember the "trees of indecision?"  These were no exception.

In the end, I made some fully sanded, sanding on the swirl only, and not sanded at all.  And now you know why it takes me an hour and a half to pick out a lipstick...indecision.  I must work on this.

OK...let's make Frosted Rose Cookies. You'll need:

  • sugar cookies made from a template
  • royal icing, divided and tinted with AmeriColor Deep Pink, Soft Pink, Leaf Green & Electric Green
  • disposable icing bags
  • couplers and tips: #2
  • squeeze bottles
  • small ramekin
  • small (clean) paintbrush
  • sanding sugar
  • meringue powder
Use a #2 tip to outline the cookie shape in pink icing.

Use another #2 tip to outline the leaf in leaf green.

Thin the pink icings with water, a bit at a time, stirring with a silicone spatula, until it is the consistency of a thick syrup.  You'll want to drop a "ribbon" of icing back into the bowl and have it disappear in a count of "one thousand one, one thousand two." Four is too thick, one is too thin.  Count of 2-3 is good.  Cover with a damp dishcloth and let sit for several minutes.

Stir gently with a silicone spatula to pop and large air bubbles that have formed.  Pour into squeeze bottles.    

Working 6-8 cookies at a time, fill in the outline with the thinned flood icing, using a toothpick to guide to the edges and to pop large air bubbles.

Starting with the first cookie flooded, add the swirl in the contrasting color.

Thin the green icings as described above.  Flood the leaf in the darker green, and add a lighter green stripe right down the center, just as adding the swirl.

Let the cookies dry, uncovered, 6-8 hours, or overnight.

The next day, apply the sanding sugar.  Mix 1/4 teaspoon meringue powder with 1/4 teaspoon water.  Brush onto the cookies wherever you'd like the sanding sugar to stick.  Over a basket-style coffee filter, shake the sanding sugar onto the cookie, and shake off the excess. (Use the filter like a funnel to pour back into the container.)

Let dry 30 minutes before packaging.
Alright...bring on the red & green. 


  1. Absolutely lovely, just like you!

    I cannot believe it'll be five years since I discovered your blog and your beautiful cookies! EVERYTIME I create cookies I think of you, which was just last night! :)

    I also think of you for other reasons because you're also a special friend.

    I am so fortunate to know you!


  2. Those are such darling cookies!! They just make me all happy inside! :)

  3. These are so pretty, I like them in both decorating versions you did here. Every time I see rose cookies on your blog I they make me think of your Mom. I'm sure she would have loved these pink ones.

  4. These are so pretty! I will cast a vote for no sanding sugar, but really they're great either way.

  5. From now on...i wont visit your blog again...or i will ruin my diet. :p your posts are so delicious...i can't help myself to think which recipe i'm gonna chose to cook this weekend!

  6. These are too adorable! I love how you made the template yourself!

  7. Okay, these are just amazing and absolutely perfect for watching the Rose Bowl Parade, too! I think you need to have a parade party with these babies.

  8. too cute!! these just make me happy!

  9. Yes to the pink, especially hot pink!

  10. It's always good to pause for some PINK ♥

  11. Son una galletas preciosas!!! Me gustas esos tonos tan suaves.


  12. I think my favorites are the ones with the swirl of sanding sugar! So sparkly and fun!

  13. Hi Bridget,

    What a great article about you and your book in yesterday's Houston Chronicle! I enjoyed the article and was excited to see you in our newspaper. Congrats on the great press!

  14. Uncle Mike sent Dad an article of you in the Houston paper!! We are so proud of you and know your Mom is sooo proud as well.. Love you XXOO

  15. I think those are almost too pretty to eat! Very impressive ... and here I was patting myself on the back for not burning my banana bread.

  16. How sweet are these!! You are so talented.

  17. These are just lovely, what a great end to my day seeing your creations.

  18. Great idea and the templates won't take up as much space as cutters do! Looks like a super book.

  19. These are so, so pretty! I feel like their too pretty to eat.

  20. Love the roses. (And here I thought I was the only one struggling with the "indecision" thing. If you find a solution - please let us ALL know!)

  21. Of course I LOVE these!
    I swear I stared at that first picture for 10 minutes just taking in the lovelyness of PINK and sparkles!
    These are gorgeous my friend.
    When I got to the 2nd picture down I kept thinking "why can't we be neighbors."
    We could go for runs and hikes and do hot yoga and then eat PINK-sparkly cookies!
    I'm in LOVe with these!
    TOTALLY in love!
    You make me SMILE!

  22. I'm obsessed with these, Bridget!! They are so cute!!

  23. Wonder who searched your blog endlessy with the weirdest terms ever? That would be me. Found 'em, though! xoxo


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