I Just Blogged to Say I Love You (Vol. 3)

Here we are...November.  I hear there's some sort of election thing going down on Tuesday.

1. In keeping with election week, I'm about to go all political on you.  Ben Franklin.  I like him.  Judging from this, I'd say he'd have been one awesome blogger.

2. My friend Rebecca from Foodie with Family made a Chocolate Nutter Butter cake.  Tell me you won't be dreaming about that tonight.

3. Speaking of Rebecca, she also introduced me to a little website called SnorgTees.  I think we all need this shirt.  Pluto Forever!!!

4. Have you started your fall comfort baking, yet?  I think these Applesauce Bars from Kristan are the epitome of fall comfort food.  Plus...Carmel Cinnamon frosting!  Make them...feel free to ship them to me.

5. Pumpkin Gruyere Gougeres.  I have always, always wanted to make gougeres.  I'm not sure what the heck has been stopping me, but these beauties from Heidi have just pushed me over the edge from wanting to make them to GOING to make them!

6. YOU! That's right...I love you.  About two weeks ago, there was a little book signing in my town.  And people came!!!  Seriously!  And not just any people...the *nicest* people EVER...with the cutest and most polite kiddos EVER.  You guys made the day so incredibly fun...I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed meeting every.single.one of you.  My sweet sister who flew in for the day...my sweet friends who stopped by...I love you guys, too. Y'all ROCK!  Thank YOU!!!
{{PS...if you're one of the ones who stopped by after the book sold out, the next shipment should be to H&H soon!}}

Let's hear it.  What's on your "love list" with week?

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