I Got Nothin'

Yeah so, yesterday I set out to make little pink cookie dough pops.

They were so cute in my head.  Here's how they turned out:

Even after thinning the coating, the dough wouldn't stay on the sticks.  It wasn't until I re-read Lindsay's instructions for making cookie dough lollipops this morning that I saw she said to insert the sticks THEN freeze.  See, boys and girls, it pays to read the instructions thoroughly. ;)

Oh well.  I *did* eat, oh, about 17 pounds of cookie dough yesterday, so that helped to ease the pain.  What is it about cookie dough that eases the pain of heartache?  **Ding, ding...science fair idea!**

Since I'm a glutton for punishment, today I'm making macarons.

What are YOU up to? 

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