Carrot Cake Cookies

carrot cake cookies plate rack photo carrotcakecookiesplatewithrack.jpg
I won't even go into the "these-cookies-are-good-for-you-because-they-contain-carrots" lecture.
You know that already.

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I love, love, love carrot cake.  I'm a chocolate girl through and through, but I think carrot cake wins almost every time.  The carrots ensure its moistness, that little bit of spice makes it intriguing, and cream cheese frosting?  You really can't beat cream cheese frosting.

It all starts with this dough...
carrot cake cookies dough photo carrotcakecookiesdough.jpg
....which I could have easily eaten with a spoon without baking one single cookie.

And, then you add the cream cheese frosting...
carrot cake cookies frosting photo carrotcakecookiesfrosting.jpg
....hello, gorgeous.

carrot cake cookies squiggle bag photo carrotcakecookiessquigglebag.jpg
Pipe on generous squiggles of frosting.  Heck, dunk the entire cookie in frosting...I won't tell.

You've got a little carrot cake in cookie form.  Big mounds of carrot and ginger-laden cookies, flecked with toasted pecans and topped with an orange-flavored cream cheese frosting.

carrot cake cookies plate pastry bags photo carrotcakecookiesplatepastrybags.jpg
They come together really quickly and will be such a welcome addition to your Easter desserts.

I'm sharing the recipe over at Imperial Sugar.  Come get your daily dose of veggies...
...and cookies.

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