I Just Blogged to Say I Love You (Vol. 6)

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1. FIRST, my sister just had her 4th baby...and after 3 boys, she and her husband welcomed home a sweet baby girl, Rosie. ♥ She's precious, and sweet, and perfect...and her aunt is so happy to be able to shop in the GIRLS' section of baby Gap, Janie & Jack & mini Boden.

2. Speaking of shopping, will there ever be a day when I spend $258 on a pair of shoes?  If so, these babies are first on my list.  I think I'd need two pair because I'd wear them every.day.

3. These cookies are just another example of why Gail is one of my cookie heroes.

4. And is this ruffle flower "corsage" for a cupcake not gorgeous?!?  It looks fairly simple, too.  You know, the way things on Pinterest look simple until you try them.

5. My dad orders his Reuben sandwiches on white bread. I've also seen him order strawberry ice cream with gummy bear mix-in in a chocolate dipped cone, but I digress.  I'm thinking these Reuben Egg Rolls are a step up in the Reuben department from either white OR rye bread.

6. Can we talk eyelashes?  Mine were falling out. This was not good.  So, I tried one of those eyelash serums.  Y'all...it WORKED. After about 3-4 weeks, I could see longer lashes and no more fallout.  I actually had to stop using it for a bit because my eyelashes were getting too long. (FYI: it took a couple of applications for me to get the hang of applying it TO my lashes and not IN my eyeballs.)

7. Running: I'm still doing it. (Miracle of miracles.) Here are my 3 current fav running songs: Bad Reputation, Joan Jett; Gunpowder & Lead, Miranda Lambert; Hell on Heels, Pistol Annies.  Apparently, running turns me into some sort of bad girl.  I do balance it out with a little Hold Us Together, Matt Maher.

8. Oh!  Have you read Firefly Lane?  I absolutely loved it.  There's a follow-up coming out soon...later this month.  I can't wait to dive in.

What are YOU loving lately (especially in the running songs department)?  I'd love to hear!

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