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super chocolatey good-for-you homemade Wendy's Frosty |bake at 350
Oh, how I wish you could come over and have a bite of this before you see what exactly is in it.  It tastes like a Wendy's Frosty, but chocolate-ier.  Chocolate-ier is better-ier.  It's my motto.

{More on this recipe in a minute.}

blendtec designer series blenders |bake at 350
Have you seen Blendtec blenders on other food blogs?  Me, too.  I know it was wrong, but I coveted them.  Our blender, let's just say, was no bueno.  It lived in the dark recesses of a cabinet between the George Foreman grill and the salad spinner.

So, one glorious day, Blendtec emailed and asked if I might like to try their new blender AND give one away, too.  I did a happy dance right there in my kitchen.
blendtec designer series blender |bake at 350
You know what's amazing?  This Designer Series blender has gotten more use in the past 2 weeks than my KitchenAid mixer...and that is saying something.

Where are the buttons, you ask?  Oh, there ARE NO BUTTONS.  Seriously.  It's a touch screen...look:
blendtec designer series touch screen |bake at 350
Ta-da!!!  It's like a blender from the future...and is the easiest thing ever to wipe clean.  Oh, and the touch screen has preset buttons.  Making a dressing?  Press the dressing/sauce button.  Making a smoothie?  Press the smoothie button.  Making ice cream? Press the...and so on and so on.

The jar is called the WildSide Jar.  It has a 5th side...WILD!  What's wild about it is, everything comes out perfectly blended.
blendtec designer series touch screen |bake at 350
There's also the Twister Jar which is just the thing for nut butters, thick dips, baby food, and pasta.  Yes, pasta.

OK...are you ready for the recipe?  I promise, all of these ingredients come together for a delicious frozen chocolate treat.  You're going to flip when you see what's in it.  (And what's not.)
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Fudgesicle Frosty
{from Blendtec, serves 3-4}

2/3 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup agave nectar
1/3 cup natural cocoa powder
4 Medjool dates, pitted
1/2 large ripe avocado, peeled & pitted
3 cups ice cubes

Add the first 5 ingredients in the blender jar and secure lid.  Select the "sauces" option.  Add ice cubes to the jar and select "ice cream."

Bada-bing. Bada-boom.  Done.  Serve immediately.
super chocolatey good-for-you homemade Wendy's Frosty |bake at 350

To enter to win a Designer Series Blendtec blender, leave a comment on this post (if you're reading in an email, click the post title to open this post in your browser) answering the following question:

"What would you blend first?  Fudgesicle Frosty? Green Smoothie? Almond Butter? Margarita?"

For an extra entry, sign up for Blendtec's weekly blog email and leave a separate comment letting me know that you did. 

Giveaway closed! Congrats to Abigail!!! :)

Entries accepted through midnight CST, May 15th.  US residences only.  Good luck! :)
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