Dessert for Dudes's baaaack!

Back for year number 4...Desserts for Dudes month!!!

In 2010, in honor of Father's Day, I started featuring some Dude Desserts here at Bake at 350.  Yes, if you're a dudette, it's totally ok to enjoy them, too.

I'm starting off with a little round-up of some of my FAVORITE desserts for dudes from the over the years. I've been so caught up in kiddo's 8th grade graduation, buying waterproof mascara for graduation, making end-of-school-year cookies, suit shopping with a 14-year-old, and dress shopping for a 43-year old (why don't they just MAKE dresses out of Spanx?), etc., etc., that I haven't gotten a new recipe or cookie tutorial ready for you.  Forgive me?  I'll be back next week...promise.

desserts for dudes: recipes and decorated cookies ::: bake at 350 blog

1. Nutter Butter Brownies. Brownies, Nutter Butters, Chocolate-Peanut Butter Ganache...need I say more?

2. Pecan Chewies. Your dude needs these in his life.

3. Beer Cupcakes. The cupcake AND the frosting are made with beer. And that frosting is on my top 5 frostings EVER list.

4. Soft Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. I'm not sure why men tend to love the oatmeal cookie. Maybe because they look all rough and craggy?  Who knows?  Anyway, these are soft and lovable.

desserts for dudes recipes and decorated cookies ::: bake at 350 blog 
Now let's talk cookies...

1. Fried Chicken Cookies. No, there is no actual chicken involved here.  Yes, these are some of my favorite cookies EVER.

2. Cigar Cookies. Nothing girlie going on here...break these out for your dude's next poker night.

3. Beer & Hot Dog Cookies. Another one of my favorite cookies sets.  There's an updated version of the hot dog cookie (with relish!) in the book.

What is your dudes favorite dessert? I'd love to know!

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