I Just Blogged to Say I Love You (Vol. 8)

i just blogged to say i love you (vol. 8) ::: bake at 350 blog

1. Oh MY gosh...macarons on a stick, decorated like teddy bears.  Can you HANDLE the cute?!?

2. You may know that I love, love, love Jessica and her recipes.  This, for example, has become a staple around here.  A few days ago, I made this salad from her blog and all three of us were CRAZY for it.  Yes, crazy for a SALAD.  It's that good.

3. The latest Boden catalog arrived in the mail.  These are one of the 42 items I have dog-eared.

4. When we were in DC, I wore this dress at least 3 times.  (I bought the black version in the store; I don't see it online, but this green one is cute.)  Anyhoo...it's comfortable, flattering, and ON SALE...I think I paid around $25 for mine. I mixed it up with a couple of Stitch Fix cardigans and now may wear it every day for the rest of the summer. (PS: it looks much shorter on the model than it does on me.)

5. Don't these just scream summer deliciousness?!?

6. Chocolate Facial.  Yes, please.

7. Speaking of chocolate...these brownies.  I want to jump right through my screen to grab one.

8. I have perfume issues.  My mom and my nana were one-perfume ladies.  My mom wore Cinnabar; my nana wore Youth Dew.  I'm always on the hunt for "my" perfume.  My last two favorites have been discontinued, but a few weeks ago, I found Noelle by Benefit.  Cardamon, Jasmine, Black Pepper, Vanilla Beans, Patchouli?  I think I'm in love.

9. A few of you told me about this Cheerios commercial.  It is so sweet; break out your hankies, people.  And here's one more video, just for fun...Convos with my 2 Year Old, "The Cookie."

What are you loving lately?



  1. I'm loving everything you posted here! Those brownies make me want to drool into my keyboard. xo Diana

  2. Convos With My 2 Year Old is one of the best youtube series to exist in my opinion. Its SO funny!
    Thanks for sharing all of these!

  3. These are such fun post, I love them! Everything you linked is awesome and yes, all of Jessica's recipe rule!

  4. Those teddy bears are too darn cute! I'd feel bad (almost) eating them!

  5. The teddy bears are wonderful, trouble is they would be too cute for me to eat!

  6. I'm making that salad tonight. For real. Got all the stuff yesterday :)

  7. Fabulous edition of I Just Blogged To Say I Love You, Bridge! You're right...grab the tissues in that Cheerios vid! I got all choked up and thought of you, your Mamma and kiddo. Loved the other vid, too. That guy needs a jetpack. The Teddy Bear Macarons on a stick gush cuteness. And, I need those Sixties Slingback Heels in leopard!!! (Leopard is a pattern throughout our house due to our Bombay cats. They look so pretty surrounded in it as their eyes are copper and their coats are jet black. All of their beds, blankets and even cat tree has leopard all over. Tastefully, of course, ha! I accessorize my wardrobe with the leopard print as well, in homage. LOL.) And, thank you for the birthday present! Yesterday was my birthday, so thank you for including my Cherry Pie Crumble Bars in this edition to share with others. I will be sure to share a special Bake at 350 link in my recipe round-up this Friday. Thanks again and have a great week, girl! xo

  8. Aww thanks for the post! I love you too Pinterest buddy! I haven't even opened my boden catalog because I know I am going to want it all! And that bottle of perfume...love it, but does it look like a cocktail shaker to anyone else? Haha!

  9. Thanks for posting. Love the macaroons! Have a great week.

    Lori's Culinary Creations

  10. Love those Boden heels! I thought I wanted leopard flats, but maybe I want leopard sling-backs instead! Great find!

  11. At first I tought that shoes are cookies :D I'm in a hunt for my perfume as well, changing all the time. But it's fun, isn't it :)

  12. All I could think about the perfume was "No wonder she likes it, it's almost a food!" lol! And love love love that teddy bear baby shower that the teddy bear macaroon pops are from! Soooooo cute! :D

  13. My grandma wore Youth Dew! It's such a wonderful little reminder of her when I get a smell of a little old lady wearing it. :-)

    Love your blog!!


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