Make-Ahead Punch

I had a little dilemma.  I needed to make punch for 150 people...and transport it...and keep it cold for several hours.  I decided cute little bottles would be the way to go and thought, "the internets will have a great make-ahead recipe."  I was not worried.
make-ahead punch recipe ::: bake at 350 blog
I was not worried until every "make-ahead" punch recipe I found included the last minute instructions of adding ginger ale.  That's not make-ahead...that's "almost make-ahead."  Plus, can you just picture me trying to pour just a bit of ginger ale to all of those little bottles?  I sensed disaster.

So, here is the recipe I used.  An amalgam and adaptation of many punch recipes minus the last-minute ginger ale/soft drink component.
make-ahead punch recipe ::: bake at 350 blog
PS...I apologize for the lack of pretty pictures.  This was our first school function and I didn't want to be known as the crazy blog mom just yet. ;)

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Make-Ahead Punch
{each batch fills approximately 18 bottles}

2 cups sugar
1 cup bottled lemon juice
1 cup hot water
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 teaspoons almond extract
1 quart water
46 oz. can pineapple juice

In a large container, stir together the sugar, lemon juice, and hot water until the sugar is dissolved. Add in the remaining ingredients and stir. Chill for several hours. Stir (or shake, if bottled) before serving.

make-ahead punch recipe::: bake at 350 blog
*if you wanted to add a splash of amaretto for an adult's not a bad thing. not bad at all.*


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