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I've been a reader and fan of Kristan's blog for years, and am lucky enough to count her as a friend.  Kristan writes the hilarious Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.  She is the queen of cupcakes and sweets...and I know that I cannot read her posts in public because they usually result in a full-on, out-loud belly laugh. {Which doesn't go over all that well when you're sitting alone in Starbucks.  Go figure.}
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Kristan is now a Noonday ambassador.  If you've never heard of Noonday, please click here for the story of how they started and their mission.  Simply, Noonday creates economic opportunity for the poor and vulnerable. 
noonday graphic ::: giveaway
{I love this graphic.  source: Noonday}

Here's an excerpt from Kristan's blog.  This really hit home with me...maybe it will for you, too.

"Helping others is NOT AN ALL OR NOTHING THING. World changer does not mean martyr. There is not some secret “good people” club that screens you on your knowledge of politics and does an inventory of how many items in your home are not Fair Trade. World changers start with a baby step. And that is okay."

Here are a few of my Noonday pieces.....
noonday collection ::: giveaway

noonday collection ::: giveaway
Noonday artisans craft everything from jewelry to paper products to linens.

noonday collection ::: giveaway
That ♥ journal is never far from my reach.

Noonday has a new line of products for fall, and it's beautiful.  I love being able to read about where the products are coming from and the artisans who make them.

So, to celebrate the new line, and to introduce you to Noonday, Kristan is offering one $100 gift voucher to one of you!  Yay!

To enter, visit Kristan's Noonday site, and tell me what piece or product you love. (Maybe this laptop case, or drop earrings, or this scarf!)

Enter up to three times, stating 3 different pieces (leave a separate comment for each).

***Giveaway closed!  Congrats to the Cooking Actress! ***

Entries will be accepted through 11:59 CST, Friday, October 11th.
noonday collection ::: giveaway
Now, go be a world can start by shopping!

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