I'll miss you, my imaginary friends!

This Friday (tomorrow) will be a sad day in my life.   
What Not to Wear will air its final episode.

After ten years, the show is ending...and my dream never came true.  What dream?  Oh, to be on an UNTELEVISED version of WNTW, complete with drinks out every night with Stacy and Clinton.
{I swear, I was really holding out hope that it would happen.}

WNTW manhattan ::: a tribute to What Not to Wear, bakeat350.blogspot.com #WNTW
Since drinks with S & C never happened, we're going to make one.  Not quite as fun.  More on this later...

WNTW manhattan ::: a tribute to What Not to Wear, bakeat350.blogspot.com #WNTW
...I even broke out my vintage cocktail glasses.  Side note: maraschino cherries in the bottom of a glass?  The best. 

A. Stacy and Clinton.  I love them.  Love.  When people have been your imaginary best friends for 10 years, it's hard to capture it in one bullet point.  From Stacy's "Shut the front door" and Clinton's "Turtle Lady" song, what can I say?  They complete me.

B.  Ted. Oh my GOSH!  Ted!!!  I want Ted to be my next-door neighbor and maybe I could trade him baked goods for hair advice.  Ted has this amazing eye for what color and cut will really flatter.  He has a gift. (And, hello, he's from Texas!)

C. Carmindy. You know the part when Carmindy says, "take a look at you..." or something similar?  That's where the water works start.  I don't even have to see the person.  Tears. On Cue.  Plus, love the "Carmindized" face...and how she brings out people's natural beauty! 

Despite the fact that I still own a few too many pairs of capri pants, here's what I've learned from Stacy and Clinton over the years...
  • completer pieces make an outfit,
  • you can mix metallics (this was HUGE for me!),
  • fit trumps pattern,
  • outfits and accessories should "go," not match (ah...so can I go back and re-do the 80s?),
  • emphasize the smallest part,
  • saturated tones (no oatmeal),
  • dress for the size you are, not the size you were or want to be,
  • your clothes should make you happy!

Still, I need Stacy & Clinton's help.  Still, I need a major closet intervention.  But, I do hear their voices in my head as I'm shopping.  And this kind of hearing voices, I think (?), is a good thing.

WNTW manhattan ::: a tribute to What Not to Wear, bakeat350.blogspot.com #WNTW
 print recipe photo printrecipe.jpg
The WNTW Manhattan
{serves 2, adapted from Clinton Kelly's Stinton}

3 ounces bourbon
1 ounce port
4 dashes bitters
maraschino cherries

In a shaker filled with ice, combine the bourbon, port, and bitters.  Shake well.  Strain into glasses over a few maraschino cherries.  Top with seltzer.

WNTW manhattan ::: a tribute to What Not to Wear, bakeat350.blogspot.com #WNTW
Cheers to 10 seasons of What Not to Wear!  Cheers to Stacy, Clinton, Ted, and Carmindy!  Friday nights won't be the same without you!!!

In case you're needing more Stacy and Clinton (like me), I really enjoyed Stacy's latest book, The Truth about Style. It's a great read. Clinton has a new book out, too!  It's called Freakin' Fabulous on a Budget.  It's brand new, so I haven't read it....but feel sure that it's, well, fabulous!  Cheers!
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