I Only Have Pies for You.

Here we are.  The beginning of Thanksgiving week...or pie week, as I like to think of it.  

Today, I bring you some of my favorite fall pies, perfect for your Thanksgiving feast.  

Just click the links for the full recipes.

sweet potato pie plus links to several pies perfect for Thanksgiving!
1. Sweet Potato Pie.  It was years before I ever tried making sweet potato pie.  I would pass over pumpkin for sweet potato EVERY time now.  If you don't love pumpkin pie, try sweet potato!

cranberry apple pie plus links to several pies perfect for Thanksgiving!
2. Cranberry Apple Pie.  This has been my go-to pie recipe for years now.  It's beautiful and delicious without fail.  A family favorite.

pecan chewies plus links to several pies perfect for Thanksgiving!
3. Pecan Chewies. Mini pecan pies...without all of the pecan pie goo.  You know what I mean?  These are irresistible.

pie crust primer plus links to several pies perfect for Thanksgiving!
4. Pie Crust Primer.  Nervous about making a pie crust?  Don't be.  It's easy as....pie.

perfect graham cracker crust plus links to several pies perfect for Thanksgiving!
5. Perfecto Graham Cracker Crust. Probably the easiest crust you'll ever make.

The following recipes I have not made myself, but I trust these bakers...and these pies look fantastic!

If you're looking to make something other than pie, check out this round-up of clever alternatives to pies for Thanksgiving!

Happy Pie Week!
What's your favorite Thanksgiving pie?  Tell me (or leave a link to the recipe) in the comments!



  1. I think you may have convinced me to make sweet potato pie. Yours looks delicious and I have some pumpkin pie haters in my house so hopefully they will love sweet potato. Think they will with the graham crust, too!

  2. I like the pecan chewies recipe. It looks delicious and I like pecans so much.

  3. That French Silk Pie looks fantastic!

  4. I have always wanted to make a sweet potato pie.

  5. Pie is just so delicious! Those pecan chewies look amazing! I do love a good pie goo :P

  6. We celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada last month but this post has me craving for pastry and especially for those pecan chewies. I remember when you first posted these...I really need to make some!

  7. Pie week?!? Yes please! These all look so good!

  8. I think I'm going to have to try the cranberry apple pie! <3 Thanks for sharing.

  9. Looks really good, I think I will make it for New Years Eve party I am going to! I love reading your blog!

  10. I made your Pecan Chewies today! They are delicious! And relatively easy! And no syrupy goo! The pastry was a breeze to work with, tho I didn't tamp them in the wells and squish up the sides--I flattened the balls and then laid them in the tins. I did butter the muffin tins a bit and had very little stickage. Thank you so much for a new addition to the dessert arsenal! Have a healthy, happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I just had a Pecan Chewie for breakfast (please don't judge ;) ), and they are just as good as they were yesterday! Was curious how the cream cheese crust would age overnight--got my answer, whooboy! Thanks, again, Ms. Bridget! Will be making these a lot during the holidays! And no GOO!

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